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Tom Wilson says he has suffered a “major” knee injury that may require surgery. He tried to return in the series, but could not.

Tom Wilson says he has suffered a "major" knee injury that may require surgery.  He tried to return in the series, but could not.

a Fresh clean shave Tom Wilson He was one of the first Capitals players to speak to the press on the day of the crash, Sunday.

Dressed in black, Wilson spoke wistfully about an injury he sustained three bouts in the first game against the Florida Panthers. Shortly after scoring the Capitals’ first goal in the post-season, Wilson attempted a big hit for MacKenzie and got jealous behind the net and crashed into the boards. One of Wilson’s sleds can be seen slithering to the side upon impact in replays. The Toronto native was unable to make a comeback and missed the rest of his six-game first-round series.

Capitals coach Peter Laviollette described the injury as a lower body problem and that Wilson was out day in and day out. Today, Wilson defined the problem as a knee injury that may need surgery. The injury will rule out Wilson “for some time”.

“I have a major injury,” Wilson said. “I have to talk to the doctors. Obviously we’ve been talking a little bit but the focus has been on the team.”

“It was a strange and strange thing,” Wilson said. “I went into the hit and put my knee back. All I heard was honest. I was doing everything I could to get back. Just one of those things I couldn’t do. A bit of a bummer but that’s what it is. It’s kind of pissed off that it happened at this time.” (of the year). I’ve been good all season (with injuries).”

“I tried to avoid the injury a little bit,” Wilson continued. “I was going, I was going really fast, and I tried to avoid it a little bit and put myself in danger. Maybe my legs were excessively stretched into the planks or something. I pivoted around the planks to get to my left leg and I don’t know exactly what happened. I tried it and it wasn’t good” .

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When asked specifically if he had ruptured his ACL, Wilson evaded the question.

“I don’t really know how this works,” Wilson said. “I haven’t had many injuries. I don’t know how accurate I want to get right now to be completely honest with you. I’m a guy who plays hard and I don’t want to give too much information. I’m sure he’ll come out at some point. We’ll leave that for another day.”

Wilson confirmed that despite his knee problem, he was trying to get back in the series – perhaps unwisely. When the Capitals were facing disqualification after losing their fifth game 5-3, Wilson walked off the team’s trip back from Florida and went to MedStar Capitals Iceplex. Wilson skated hard to test his knee but in the end didn’t feel like he could come back. he is Clarification Note from RMNB Reader Spotted by MedStar Capitals Iceplex. “I saw somewhere where I was flying around the ice,” Wilson said with a smile. “I definitely wasn’t flying around.”

He added, “It was one of those things where I was trying to be a unique situation where a kind of stranger could [come back from it]. Get a brace and get out there and there will be a chance. I was trying everything I could. I just couldn’t do it.”

Wilson choked as he recalled his rehab. “I was trying everything I could (to get back). Everyone you pass by, every fan, everyone is, ‘We want you back, we want you back.'” That was hard. You feel a little bit like you let people down and that’s disgusting.

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“Watch [the series] It was very hard just thinking you know, you can help or be a little different in different moments.”

Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan hasn’t been as optimistic as Wilson about his return in the series or later in the deeper rounds.

He won’t be back, McClellan said. “They are undergoing medical examinations here. They will make a decision in the next day or two about what we do. [Surgery] it is on the table.”

Although the post-season has ended, Wilson had his best year yet. The first-line right winger has scored his career highs in terms of goals (24), assists (28), points (52), and strengths (10) this season and made his debut in the All-Star Game. For the third year in a row, Wilson held under 100 penalty minutes. He did not face supplemental disciplinary action for any hits he took.

“My summer is disgusting right now in more ways than one,” Wilson said of both the Capitals’ first-round loss and the intense rehab that awaits him. “I must begin my recovery.”

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