July 18, 2024

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Trifluvian’s journey to the sun ends badly

Trifluvian’s journey to the sun ends badly

The day before her return from Cuba she was positively reported to COVID-19, who was sent for isolation under the dire circumstances of a Trifluvian. She now wants to warn travelers who want to go hot in the sun.

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Laurianne Gagné will remember his first experience in the South throughout his life. The 22-year-old set sail for Kayo Koko on December 21 in the wings of the Sunwing. The trip went like clockwork, but the day before her return everything changed, where she was told she was positive for COVID-19. Traveled with a friend and sent alone to isolate her. This is when the dream begins. “They came to pick me up at night. No one told me anything, I had no instructions and they dropped me off behind a hotel. I was really scared. ”

The law student was taken to a dilapidated tourist building that was converted into a “hotel hospital” during his isolation. There, Laurion asked for help, but did not ask his sunwing representative. “I could not talk to him for six days while I was there. This is annoying because when I arrived on December 21st I was asked what would happen if I was notified positively and he replied that there is no case here.

There she must have slept in the same room as three strangers. He says he lost five to ten pounds because the diet was so bad. Often she had to satisfy herself with hard-boiled eggs, cold meats, apples, bread and sausage. Not to mention having to wait two days to get toilet paper and soap. “Fortunately, the isolated passengers helped us or we had nothing.” We had to keep the garbage in the room for several days. ”

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He was even charged for fake medical consultation fees. She has a dream that no one wants. “I know the dangers and thought everything would be fine anyway. I just want to tell people that traveling is not really a good idea.

But, the situation has changed in the last few days. Justin Bordeleau, vice president of Voyages arc-en-ciel, underscores the fact that Cuba stopped operating hospital-hotels earlier this week in response to bad news and passenger complaints. “Passengers can now stay on the same premises and the ‘COVID-19’ wings have been moved. “This will reduce the number of bad experiences,” Portlave said.

According to the vice president, a dozen of his clients are currently isolated in the south and everything will be fine. But in recent weeks we have also received calls for help from non-customers. “These are the people who booked online and wanted our help. Unfortunately, they have to rely on their carrier, which is very difficult these days.

These accidents, Mr. According to Portloy, this means that customers will turn to agencies more often to avoid unpleasant surprises. An ointment for the industry for more than 22 months, he said.