June 24, 2024

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Trina McGee Reveals Why Angela Wasn’t On ‘Boy Meets World’ Finale – Deadline

Trina McGee Reveals Why Angela Wasn't On 'Boy Meets World' Finale - Deadline

Trina McGee He opens up about what actually happened in the series finale boy meets world And why was her character missing from the episode.

McGee has portrayed Angela Moore in the last three seasons of the ABC sitcom and while appearing on podcast rewatches. Bud meets the worldShe talked about why she did not participate in the last episode of the series.

“I was told, in a rather strange way by a very important person you guys went to [showrunner] Michael Jacobs, and I said “We don’t want it in the last episode. It takes our light somehow,” McGee said.

Angela’s character was Sean Hunter (Ryder Strong) love interest and Topanga (Daniel Fishel)’s best friend in college.

“I was told that after I filmed what the show was before the last episode, which was called ‘Angela’s Ashes’ when I left. When Michael announced that we were going to be doing another show on Angela, I was so glad I didn’t realize this was going to be the show before the last show,” he added. McGee.

McGee said that several members of her family suggested that the reason she was giving an episode focusing on Angela was to keep her “distracted” and away from the episode with “real ratings”.

Will Friedel denied that the cast went to Jacobs to request that McGee be removed from the finale. McGee then replied, “I believe you. I can tell by your reactions. It’s been in my head for a long time, and I’ve never watched this show. I’ve always felt, uh… it hurt me for so long.”

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