July 13, 2024

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TSA Checkpoint Changes Now in Effect at Pittsburgh International Airport

TSA Checkpoint Changes Now in Effect at Pittsburgh International Airport

FINDLAY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — After weeks of long lines at the security checkpoint at Pittsburgh International Airport, changes aimed at reducing wait times are now in effect.

Emma Swanson and her family were heading to Savannah, Georgia, on Monday when they encountered long lines.

“We thought this might be a little bit longer than we’ve seen in previous years, but it was probably the longest I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Swanson said.

Some people have done everything they can to prepare and still cut it short.

“We got here early, but we couldn’t check our bags in until 4 p.m., when Air Canada was opening,” said passenger Ryan Johnson.

The Transportation Security Administration announced last month They are making changes to the process by which travelers use security checkpoint lanes to help reduce wait times.

In order to meet the higher than usual traffic demand at the airport, beginning Monday morning, an alternate security checkpoint will be used for TSA PreCheck travelers between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays. PreCheck lanes at the main checkpoint will not be open during those hours.

Signs will be posted inside the terminal to inform travelers of the change and passengers with TSA PreCheck clearance will be redirected to the alternate checkpoint. Passengers with CLEAR clearance will still need to proceed to the main checkpoint.

The Transportation Security Administration recommends that those with early morning flights Arrive at the airport at least two to three hours in advance. Their trips.

The airport said it increased staffing Monday morning and installed more sensors to properly measure wait times. A Pittsburgh International Airport spokesperson told KDKA-TV that they continue to work to make the experience as easy as possible for travelers.

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“We want to continue to monitor things, see what we can improve, along with our partners at TSA, and try to make the journey as smooth as possible for our passengers,” said airline spokesman Jonathan Potts.

Allegheny County Airport Authority spokesman Bob Kerlick says, When the new station opens in 2025The security checkpoint will be increased from seven to 11 lanes and will be a unified checkpoint, but until then, the TSA is implementing a quick fix that it hopes will reduce wait times.

Record number of passengers

The Transportation Security Administration said it has seen a huge increase in travel volume over the past few months. Kerlik says Pittsburgh International Airport has been busy.

“What we’re seeing here at Pittsburgh International Airport with record numbers of travelers is actually a national issue, and that’s coupled with a lot of new flights being operated nationwide, but also, the desire to travel in the summer and post-COVID,” Kerlick said.

Late last month, the Transportation Security Administration was expecting to screen more than 30 million travelers between June 27 and today, a more than 5% increase compared to Independence Day 2023.