April 16, 2024

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Two people were arrested due to the delivery error

Two people were arrested due to the delivery error

Two people have been arrested for delivering large amounts of drugs to the wrong address in the United States.

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On the weekend of June 27, according to CBS, a man called police after allegedly receiving a box full of illegal substances.

Inside the mystery package, officers found ten pounds of crystal methamphetamine, prompting them to further their investigation.

After some searching, investigators learned that a person whose address was written on the box had contacted building management several times about the missing package.

So, the police decided to repack the box and replace the contents with pieces of salt. It also has GPS and alarm.

Then they decide to deliver the box to the specified address and wait for the recipient to pick up the package.

Jessica Geraghty, a 28-year-old woman, picked up the box. She was arrested.

A second person was also arrested: Ricardo Juregui, 24 years old.

Both are currently incarcerated in Sherburne, Minnesota.

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