July 20, 2024

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Ukraine accuses Russia of treating prisoners of war inhumanely

Ukraine accuses Russia of treating prisoners of war inhumanely

Ukraine’s human rights official Lyudmila Denisova said on Monday that Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russian military and recently released had been declared “inhumane” while being held captive.

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“The Ukrainian soldiers described the inhumane treatment suffered by Russia,” he denounced on Facebook, specifically referring to the various types of physical assaults.

“They were kept in a field, in a pit, in a garage. Usually, someone came out: he was hit in the buttocks, shot in the ear, and intimidated, ”Ms. Denisova continued.

Referring to the sailors captured in the early days of the invasion of Snake Island in the Black Sea, he said they were “staying in a tent camp at a temperature of -20 ° C, which caused a lot of boys to freeze” and a dog was left. Loose in their camp.

The exchanges of the two prisoners on March 24 have so far been approved by Ukraine and Russia.

One concerns the release of 19 Ukrainian sailors from the island of Serpent, against eleven civilian sailors who escaped from a sinking Russian ship near Odessa (south); Ten other players from each country.

Previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry had arranged for the other two exchanges since the beginning of the invasion, although they did not specify their dates or the number of prisoners involved.

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