December 10, 2023

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Ukrainian stores are removing Coca-Cola products from their shelves

Ukrainian chain stores have decided to withdraw Coca-Cola brand products from sales due to the US company’s continued activities with Russia.

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Coca-Cola drinks, but also Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes or the energy drink Monster are affected by this decision.

“Our supermarket chain is no longer cooperating with Coca-Cola, which continues to operate in occupiers’ territory.

“In response to the continuation of Coca-Cola’s operations in Russia, we are removing products from our shelves,” Varus was quoted as saying on social media.

Same story on the Fossil Group store side. ‚ÄúSuch a decision is linked to the will [Coca-Cola] To continue its mission in Russia despite the military invasion of Ukraine. […] We condemn the company’s position and hope to see it again. “

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