July 20, 2024

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Valve’s Steam Deck can now play more games than you can play

Valve’s Steam Deck can now play more games than you can play

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When Valve’s Steam Deck launched back in February, it could only play a (relative) few of the platform’s thousands of titles. The number was exactly 399, but now, a few weeks later, that number has almost tripled.

On February 25, the day of the Steam Deck launch, there were 399 I just mentioned plus nearly 300 others listed as “playable,” but there could be some issues. Note that this list included games that performed well, but were designed with a large screen and mouse in mind, and so may not have been the best experience on a handheld device.

Anyone who buys a Steam Deck in February (or earlier, really, because to get one, you had to pre-order in 2021) might be interested in the size of that listing, and the fact that Some of the biggest video game franchises around won’t play well with their new mobile device.

Now that we’re in early May, things have really improved dramatically. There are a number of places where you can keep track of how many games can be played on the system, but steam boil It’s laid out in outline form, and that’s what we’re looking at today.

Steam Games Chart

You see, things mostly jumped during March and slowed down since then, but I look at this as a sort of “how far things have gone since launch” sort of deal, not just a check of the last weeks. At the time of publication, there are now 1,289 fully verified games, and 1,169 more playable.

In practice, let’s apply these numbers to my Steam library, Since this is how I had an unofficial look at support when the system was launched. In February, only 59 of my 810 Steam games were fully verified; Now 131 of them. This is progress!

Which leads me to: This doesn’t mean that games that aren’t on the list don’t work at all. It just means that it hasn’t been fully tested yet, so you can expect this number to continue to climb as more and more results come out. And if you want to follow these things forward, Protondb is another great place to bookmark.

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