April 20, 2024

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Venice Film Festival Lineup Announced – Full List – Deadline

Venice Film Festival Lineup Announced – Full List – Deadline

Update to the latest…: Venice Film Festival President Alberto Barbera announced the line-up for the 80th edition of the event this morning. We’ll update the list as the movies are revealed, so check back for more below. You can also watch the live broadcast here.

While Venice has weathered Covid with aplomb, never being forced to cancel during a pandemic while adjusting to new protocols, it faces a challenge of a different kind this year given the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. A major launchpad for award season and a major media opportunity for talent, lower footfalls are expected with a smaller-than-usual American presence at the Lido, as studios are understandably nervous about launching projects without celebrity backing.

Indeed, Zendaya-starrer from MGM Challengers Regular festival Luca Guadagnino, which was scheduled to begin proceedings on August 30, ended up moving out of the slot and moving from its domestic release date of September 15 amidst proceedings. The festival replaced it with an Italian film from World War II Leader by Edoardo de Angelis, starring Pierfrancesco Favino.

Titles we’re still expecting to hear and unveiled this morning include Michael Mann’s directing Ferrari Starring Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, and Sofia Coppola priscilla, Bradley Cooper Musical band leader and Yorgos Lanthimos Poor things It was also widely awakened. We’ve also heard that Netflix could bring in David Fincher the killer Lido.

JA Bayona’s survival thriller is confirmed to be premiering on Netflix worldwide La Sociedad de la Nieve (The Snow Society) which will conclude the festival on September 9.

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Damien Chazelle is the jury president for this year’s edition, which runs from August 30 to September 9.

Check back as we update the list of movies announced today:

Venice 80 competition

Promised Landdir.: Nikolaj Arcel
Dogmandir.: Luc Besson
no homedir.: Bertrand Bonello
Hours Seasondir: Stefan Brizy
Enyadir.: Pietro Castellitto
Leaderdir.: Edoardo de Angelis (Opening Night Film)
Musical band leaderdir: Bradley Cooper
Priscilladir.: Sofia Coppola
Finalmente L’Albadir.: Saverio Costanzo
lobodir.: Giorgio Direti
Origindir: Ava DuVernay
the killerdir: David Fincher
memorydir.: Michel Franco
Ayo CapitanoDier: Mathieu Jaron
Evil does not existRyusuke Hamaguchi
green borderdir.: Agnieszka Holland
Die Theorie Von Allemdir: Tim Kruger
Poor thingsdir.: Yorgos Lanthimos
El Condedir.: Pablo Larraín
Ferraridir: Michael Mann
Adagiodir.: Stefano Sollima
womandirs: Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert
Hollydir: Finn Trosch

out of competition


Coup de ChanceDier: Woody Allen
The wonderful story of Henry Sugardir: Wes Anderson
repentantdir.: Luca Barbarchi
Lordine Del Tempodir: Liliana Cavani
Vivantesdir: Alex Delaporte
a prayer!dir.: Quentin Dubeux
Caine Mutiny Court Martialdir: William Friedkin
Agro Dr1ftDier: Harmony Korine
Assassindir.: Richard Linklater
the palacedir.: Roman Polanski
Snow leopardDeir: Bema Tsidin

welcome to Paradisedir.: Leonardo Di Costanzo


HollywoodgateMonastery: Ibrahim Nashat
thingsdir.: Virginia Elliotiri Cerberi
Ryuichi Sakamoto Opusdir.: Neo-Sura
Frente a Guernica (complementary version)Ladies: Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi
Enzo Janacci Vingo Anciodir.: Giorgio Verdelli
Blasier Lists – Les Troygrosdir: Frederick Weismann

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D’Argent et de Sang (episodes 1-12), dirs: Xavier Giannoli, Frederic Planchon
I know your soul (episodes 1 and 2), writers: Alin Drelevich and Nermin Hamzacic

own screening

La Partie del Leon: Una storia della Mostradirs: Baptiste Etchegary, Guiseppe Bucchi

Horizons Extra

Buta JohnDire: Lawana Bajrami
forever foreverdir.: Anna Buryachkova
RescueDier: Daniela Jogi
In the land of saints and sinnersdir.: Robert Lorenz
fight daydir: Jack Huston
felicitadir: Michaela Ramazzotti
Boys pet shopDier: Olmo Schnabel
stolendir: Karan Tejpal
Blame Darjeeldir: Anais Thelin


A Cielo AbiertoLadies: Mariana Arriaga, Santiago Arriaga
El Paraisodir.: Enrico Maria Artali
behind the mountainsMonastery: Muhammad bin Attia
The red bagdir.: Fidel Devkota
matWriters: Guy Nattif, Zar Amir Ebrahimi
Heaven is burningdir.: Mika Gustafsson
featherweightdir.: Robert Kolodny
InvilleDier: Simon Massey
hesitant woundDier: Salman Nakkar
Heartlessdirs: Nara of Normandy, Tiau
Una sterminata Dominicadir: Alain Peroni
Wind CityMonastery: Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
explanation for everything Dier: Gabor Resch
Petrol rainbowSweethearts: Bill Ross, Turner Ross
Attendant la Nuitdir: Céline Rosette
Housekeeping for beginnersdir.: Goran Stolievsky
fire shadowdir: Shinya Tsukamoto
residenceMonastery: Nahir Tuna

Venetian classics


Bill Douglas is my best frienddir.: Jack Archer
Le Film Pro-Nazi D. Hitchcockdir.: Daphne Bywer
Thank you very muchdir: Alex Braverman
Landriandir.: Ernesto Daranas Serrano
Un altra italia era possibile, il cinema di guiseppe de santisdir.: Stefano della Casa
Michel Gondry Do It Yourselfdir: François Nemeta
Ken Jacobs from Orchard Street to the Museum of Modern Artdir: Fred Riedel
Frank Capra: Mr. AmericaDier: Matthew Wells
Dario Argento Panicodir.: Simon Scafidi

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