April 20, 2024

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War in Ukraine | Germany is to provide air defense system

War in Ukraine |  Germany is to provide air defense system

(Berlin) Germany, criticized by Kiev for its limited arms exports, will provide an advanced air defense system capable of “protecting a major city from Russian attacks,” Olaf Scholes announced Wednesday.

Released at 6:18 p.m.

“The German government has decided to provide the most modern air defense system in Germany, the Iris-T system,” the German chancellor told the Bundestag.

The German leader argued that the organization would “allow Ukraine to defend an entire large city against Russian airstrikes” and promised that his country would “send more weapons” to Kiev.

This air defense system was developed by the German manufacturer Diehl.

He also said that Germany would provide a radar system capable of detecting enemy artillery.

Berlin also continues its indirect distribution through other European countries.

Germany has signed an agreement with Athens and Greece to send Soviet-era military vehicles to Ukraine in exchange for modern armor provided by Berlin. Germany has already helped Ukraine supply arms to Ukraine in a similar deal and is currently negotiating a deal with Poland.

The goal is to supply Ukraine with Soviet-era weapons that its military can use efficiently and quickly to prevent Russian invasion. In return for the Czech shipment of T-72 tanks to Ukraine, Germany wants to supply 14 Leopard tanks and a Leopard armored vehicle to Prague.

However, no date has been set for the delivery, and Mr Scholes said parliamentary discussions were ongoing.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Scholes and his government have been criticized by the opposition, but by Ukrainian officials they have reportedly threatened to supply arms to Kyiv.

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