July 18, 2024

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War in Ukraine | Putin says Russia’s military operation is a ‘success’

War in Ukraine |  Putin says Russia’s military operation is a ‘success’

(Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called his military operation in Ukraine a “victory” and said he would not allow Moscow to become a “beach” for “aggressive measures” against Russia.

Released at 10:48 p.m.

He condemned the “disgusting” and “indecent” behavior of the West, and compared the avalanches of Western sanctions and denunciations that hit Russia, its economy, its athletes and its cultural world to “anti-Semitic massacres.”

“The move is a success, in line with pre-established plans,” Putin said, reiterating that he had no intention of “occupying” Ukraine, according to comments aired on television. According to him, the attack was launched because “all diplomatic options” were “exhausted”.

“We have no other way to resolve the issue peacefully,” the Russian leader continued, assuring him that “there is every reason to believe that” components of biological weapons “are developing in Ukrainian territory.”

He added that he could no longer tolerate “years of intimidation of the Donbass people” in Ukraine’s Russian – speaking east, where Kiev had faced pro – Russian separatists for eight years with Moscow’s support.

Mr. According to Putin, Ukraine was “preparing for a violent situation” and the start of the Ukrainian offensive against Donbass and Crimea, the territory annexed by Moscow in 2014, was “just a matter of time”.

“We have no choice but to defend ourselves […] We will not allow Ukraine to act as a beacon for aggression against Russia, ”the president said.

He described the move in Ukraine as “just an excuse for the West to impose new sanctions” on Russia. Putin considered. He denounced Moscow as a “conscious and long-term strategy” aimed at “controlling and weakening.”

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“Such steps […] There are all sorts of characteristics of aggression, “he argued, accusing the West of wanting to turn Russia into a” weak and dependent country “.