May 23, 2024

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Warner Bros. In talks for Land 'Avengelyne' movie

Warner Bros.  In talks for Land 'Avengelyne' movie

Avengline It may be traveling to Warner Bros., where the studio is in early talks to acquire the comic book package that was released earlier this month.

do not worry, honey Director Olivia Wilde has been commissioned to direct the film Barbie Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley and Josie McNamara team up for LuckyChap. The banner has a first-look deal with Warners, making the studio the first stop for the package, which Ace added Screenwriter Tony McNamara is in the mix. A long time ago X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg is also producing.

Avengline It was released in 1995 and revolved around a fallen angel on Earth. The hero is tasked with finding and protecting The One, the one who is key to protecting humanity from demons and other monsters. Liefeld co-created the character with Cathy Christian and Tony Lopito. Meanwhile, Liefeld did Deadpool Wolverine It is scheduled to be released in July from Marvel Studios.

It's one of several Liefeld creations that have received Hollywood attention, including The Prophet, Who Once Was extraction Director Sam Hargrave and star Jake Gyllenhaal have joined, although the pair are no longer involved.

This package is the latest high-profile project acquired by Warners in recent months. He is currently filming Ryan Coogler's next film, which the studio won in a bidding war earlier this year.

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