July 18, 2024

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Washington trades again in the first round with the Saints

Washington trades again in the first round with the Saints

Washington leaders made their first trade during 2022 NFL Draft, trade with New Orleans Saints returned. They will pull back 5 pips and pick the 16th position (unless they trade again). Washington adds a third-round (#98) and fourth-round (#120) selection in a deep draft. They traded their original third-round pick to the Indianapolis Colts as part of the Carson Wentz trade, and they also traded their fifth-round pick last year for an additional 6 and 7.

There was plenty of talent that Washington fans wanted on the board, but that’s also why Washington was able to get the first trade out of this year’s draft. Only two wide receivers (Drake London and Garrett Wilson) have come off the plate so far and Notre Dame S Kyle Hamilton is still available. Washington is counting on one of its players who is still available at number 16.

I replaced New Orleans with WR which I thought Washington was looking for (Chris Olaf). Shortly after the Washington traded down, the Minnesota Vikings pulled out of a larger trade, going to No. 32 with the band’s rival Detroit Lions.

The Washington Project selects:

Round 1 (No. 16):

Round Two (No. 47):

Round 3 (No. 98)

Fourth round (No. 113):

Fourth round (No. 120):

Sixth Round (No. 189):

Seventh Floor (No. 230):

Seventh round (No. 240):

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