June 15, 2024

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Wearing the mask requested during intercourse on Valentine’s Day

For lovers who treat themselves to a romantic and gruesome night on Valentine’s Day, health officials in Thailand have repeatedly said they should go outside, including wearing a mask when in love, when it comes to sex.

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“COVID is not a sexually transmitted disease, but you can catch COVID by breathing closely or by exchanging saliva,” Bunyarit Sukrat, director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health, told AFP.

He therefore recommends that couples undergo antigen testing before their romantic night to avoid contamination.

He added that lovers should “avoid face-to-face sexual situations and deep kisses and use birth control if they want to avoid unwanted pregnancies”.

“If possible, wearing a mask during intercourse will help reduce the risk of coitus,” Bunyarid continued.

The number of daily corona virus infections in the country, which was around 8,000 at the beginning of the month, has almost doubled in the last two weeks.

Although sex is not excluded for this February 14th only, health officials fear that Valentine’s Day will exacerbate this trend.

This holiday is popular in the kingdom and is considered a good day for couples who want to get married.

Long queues lined up in front of offices registering marriages, especially in the Bangkok district: Bang Rock, literally “love district”.

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