July 23, 2024

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Weather forecasts, stadium rain policy and more

Weather forecasts, stadium rain policy and more

Florida fans of Taylor Swift may not have to wait for midnight to see the rain this week.

Tampa could see humidity, showers and even some potential thunderstorms later in the week thanks to the city’s close front boundary, said Nicole Carlisle, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Ruskin.

Thursday lovers have the highest chance of afternoon and evening rain – between 60 and 70%. The chance of a shower drops to 30 to 40% on Friday. On those days, temperatures will be in the mid-80s, with a high of 84 degrees.

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“Saturday seems to be the best of all days in terms of rain,” said Carlisle. “There is only a 25-20% chance in the afternoon.”

But with less chance of rain this weekend, fans could see an 87-degree high by 3 p.m. Saturday.

“It’s going to be a couple degrees down by the time of the concert, but we’re not going to be too comfortable,” Carlisle said.

Traveling from out of town? Add some buffer time to calculate the 50% chance of rain on Wednesday and Sunday.

Don’t forget to put on a water-resistant sunscreen during the “Tay-gate” pre-show and hydrate with plenty of water. While some fans may worry about needing to use the bathroom later, one TikTok user pointed out that Swift’s “red” era intro (right after she plays “Enchanted”) is long enough for fans to sneak into the bathroom and back.

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What is the rain policy at Raymond James Stadium?

Raymond James Stadium is an outdoor facility, and expensive Eras Tour tickets remind the show will take place rain or sleet. But in the event of severe weather, the venue may pause the show so fans can seek shelter.

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Raymond James Stadium does not allow umbrellas inside. If you leave one out of the field, it will likely be forfeited. Rain ponchos are allowed.

There are many shops along the North Dale Mabry Highway that sell gowns, but they may sell out the gowns before the show. Stock up before the concert to save time. In the event of severe weather, such as thunderstorms, parking around Raymond James Stadium will be closed, supporting what is expected to be an already heavy traffic situation.

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