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Westworld Executive Producer Lisa Joy responds to fans’ frustrations over the show’s unclear meaning

Westworld Executive Producer Lisa Joy responds to fans’ frustrations over the show’s unclear meaning

If there is anything Westworld Fans are expecting, it’s unexpected.

So fans weren’t completely surprised to see the August 14th end of this success HBO series It ends at the slope. In the jam-packed episode, Charlotte (Tessa ThompsonShe saw the error in her ways and tried to make things right by stopping William.Ed Harris) from the high entry. But before Charlotte crushes William’s pearl – and hers – one last game begins: she gave Dolores / Christina (Evan Rachel WoodThe option to start a new world.

Then Dolores returns to Westworld in her blue dress and tells the camera, “One last loop around the turn.” At this moment, fans basically shouted at their TV sets, “What does this mean!?!”

Well, executive producer Lisa Joy Don’t give up on anything. But She understands frustration with the hidden meanings of the show and existential themes. She told E! August 15 news, “Like just existential talk.”

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“I have my own beliefs about what makes life meaningful,” she continued. “But I also think that asking questions is part of life, right? I had a lot to do with the struggles of Dolores and Maeve in season one.”

Jon Johnson / HBO

Lisa noticed this when she co-created Jonathan Nolan He was the first to start working on it Westworld, had just finished writing in a show featuring a predominantly male authors room. This experience left her feeling frustrated, like Maeve and Dolores, who were seen as girls in distress by the other characters in the early episodes. “Have I had an answer on how to not feel pain, not feel marginalized, feel completely in control of myself and really trust in all that I was?” Lisa said. “of course not.”

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While that doesn’t sound comfortable at all, Lisa said that when she asked herself these big questions, she realized she wasn’t alone. “There is a camaraderie in asking the same questions and sharing the same dilemma,” she explained. “That in itself is a human condition we all have, these recurring, recurring struggles.”

Again, it sounds pessimistic, the idea that we are stuck in repeating the mistakes of the past, but Lisa, always an optimist, made it clear that there is always a positive side.

Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood

Jon Johnson / HBO

She noted that Charlotte Hill and William were stuck in their own rings until Charlotte was ready to destroy the world she had made. In doing so, I gave Dolores the option of making a better place.

This is beautiful for Lisa, because it means that change is possible. “I think destruction is the way to everything,” she said. “So to fight that to create meaning and try to build something that lasts beyond yourself, which is basically what these hosts do — they try to create systems and try to create life forms that can last beyond themselves — I think there are a lot of nobles.”

Whether Dolores will be able to do what Charlotte wasn’t capable of remains a question, and it will remain that way until HBO renews it. Westworld for another season.

But if this is the end of the series’ dystopian series, Lisa said she’s grateful for everything the cast has accomplished. “The actors have become such valuable and intimate friends and collaborators, so I really feel like we’re all asking the same questions and working together to try to tell a story that we hope will resonate with someone,” she said. “I feel very, very lucky to have had that collective experience. Honestly, it was really meaningful to me.”

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All four seasons Westworld They are now streaming on HBO Max.

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