June 24, 2024

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What explains the arrival of such a large Covit-19 wave? | Corona virus

Yesterday, Quebec enjoyed His worst daily record in almost a year 2,736 new Govt-19 cases have been reported in 24 hours and even darker vision in the coming days.

Although Omigran is two to three times more contagious than previous variants, it is now only 20% of the positive cases detected during screening tests.

That is, the delta variation, which is still the majority in our country, will largely be responsible for this fourth wave to come. One of the worst we have ever seen, According to many experts.

Since vaccines are effective against delta variants, how do you explain this lightning wave that spreads the corona virus?

He is a medical expert in public health and a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Sherbrook. The answer to Marys Quake’s interview at the ICI premiere on Friday morning lies in a number of factors.

The Omicron variant goes very, very fast. He is very contagious, so he amazes us. The delta variation may also continue because there are still those who have not been vaccinated, and for some the vaccine is less effective. Also, over time, there is a slight decline in the immunity that the vaccine gives us.

The increase has also been triggered by the removal of several health restrictions restricting meetings and travel in recent weeks, which until recently did not cause much concern to authorities, as the number of hospital admissions remains relatively stable.

Even before the Omigron variant, mathematical models predicted an increase in cases and even an impact on hospitalization.

A quote Dr. Marys Quay, medical expert in public health

Putting it all together, we now have all the materials needed to notice the increase in cases we see., Explained the public health expert.

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We know that most cases are still cases of delta, for which two dose vaccines are still most effective with a booster dose. It provides increased immunity and better immunity against the Omigron variant.

But more than 81% of Quebec’s over 5 years of age have received two doses of the vaccine, so how does this new wave of corona virus compare to those before the vaccine?

Immunity provided by vaccines is not exhausted, Dr. Quay assures us. Immunity is not a switch you put on On Or Off. In our body, it gradually decreases, She explains.

Now data with Omicron shows that this decline could have an even greater impact. A few weeks ago we saw that there is still good performance against the delta variation in the data in Quebec, which is still the main variation. Things are moving fast, we need to adapt […] This is a brilliant virus that breaks our predictions.

The doctor points out that a significant number of those who have not been vaccinated are still triggering the spread of the disease.

According to a recent public health report for Quebec, these individuals make up about half and two-thirds of the hospital population daily.

The starting point is not really being vaccinated. If we were able to vaccinate 100% of the population, I’m sure we would be able to fight this wave better.

A quote Dr. Marys Quay, medical expert in public health

Does the third dose make a difference?

Despite the already extensive vaccine coverage in Quebec and elsewhere in the country, we find that more and more people who have been adequately vaccinated are becoming more susceptible to the disease, which seems more appropriate to prevent vaccinations. This again raises questions about the long-term effectiveness of vaccines.

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Preliminary data show that having this booster level boosts the immune system and ensures good performance against hospitalization., Dr. Quay recalled.

Anyway, we have no choice …, Adds the expert, for whom maintenance of other health measures – distance, hand washing, wearing of masks, contact is minimized – remains. Very important To resist disease.

On December 3, the National Advisory Council on Immunization (NACI) Recommended to the Central Government Provides a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to all Canadians 18 years of age and older who have received a second dose for at least six months.

Want to review the vaccine recipe?

It may be necessary to change the combination of vaccines depending on the variants in which the virus functions over time, the public health expert believes.

For example, for the flu vaccine, although they are completely different viruses and vaccines, you have to change the recipe every year because the virus changes., She explains.

But beyond the combination of vaccines, the fact that large sections of the planet’s population are not vaccinated means that the virus will continue to change in insecure countries.

There, we talk about the Omigron variant. But you know, the Omicron variant, three or four weeks ago, we didn’t talk about it. In 2022, in a few weeks, there will definitely be another variation. This leads us to want to be vaccinated globally. That too is another problem, The doctor insists.