May 18, 2024

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What if RFK Jr. won the New Hampshire Democratic primary?

What if RFK Jr. won the New Hampshire Democratic primary?

Last February, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Updated The timing of its primary for the 2024 presidential election has traditionally robbed New Hampshire of the honor of hosting the party’s first primary. According to the new official calendar, South Carolina will start the ball rolling on February 3, 2024, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a few days later. But New Hampshire could still host a Democratic primary before South CarolinaA state law It is to be the first state to hold such a poll for the presidential election. If such a scenario were to occur, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could win this primary, which would be a minor disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

You should know that Joe Biden has already announced that his name will not appear on any primary ballot before South Carolina. If New Hampshire holds its primary before February 3, Kennedy will have a good chance of winning if we are to believe recent polls that place him second behind the president among Democratic voters’ preferred candidates.

Kennedy, it must be said, has really nothing to please the Democrats, except a popular name, which undoubtedly contributes to his popularity in the polls. Otherwise, he often sounds like a Republican candidate. He is in favor of closing the southern border. He opposes a ban on semi-automatic rifles. He still talks about vaccines. However, as David Frum pointed out in a tweet this Tuesday morning, vaccines are more popular among Democrats than Joe Biden.

Of course, RFK Jr.’s popularity may be waning among Democrats, who are familiar with his views. Here are two clips circulating on Twitter these days that demonstrate the evolution of this conspiracy expert-turned-environmentalist’s thinking:

RFK Jr.’s victory in New Hampshire is sure to spark a media conversation about Biden’s vulnerability. So the 69-year-old candidate will no doubt have support from the media, strategists and conservative donors.

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