May 22, 2024

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Who is the controversial TikTokker?

Who is the controversial TikTokker?


TikTok influencer Kyle Marissa Roth has tragically passed away at the age of 36.

Her sister Lindsay announced the news on Monday Instagramclaiming that the content creator had died last week.

“I know she touched so many people with her sense of humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip, athleticism and more – she had so many gifts,” she wrote. “If anyone wants to reach out about Kyle, I'm here to talk and share memories.”

Here's everything you should know about it.

Kyle Marissa Roth Instagram/thehighfemme
Marissa Roth passed away tragically at the age of 36. Instagram/thekylemarisa_

from you?

Ruth was a TikTok influencer known for her commentary on celebrities, pop culture, and entertainment news. She had more than 175 thousand followers on the platform.

She was a Graduate of Lehigh University And a lacrosse player from Pennsylvania.

“This makes me really sad,” one fan wrote On Reddit Books about Ruth's death.

“I enjoyed her videos whether the blinds were right or not, and she had a fun personality! She seemed to really enjoy interacting with her fans and was never too animated, which is easy to get caught up in with celebrity gossip.

“This is really sad,” one fan said upon hearing of Kyle Marissa Roth's death. “She had a fun personality.” Instagram/thekylemarisa_
Ruth had hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok. Instagram/thekylemarisa_
Ruth in one of her videos. Instagram/thekylemarisa_

Why was it controversial?

Roth was known for talking about celebrities' blind spots.

She started many of her videos with “Do you want more? I'll give you more.”

Blind items are inherently controversial because they are unverified rumors as neither celebrities nor their representatives are required to confirm or deny their accuracy.

For example, in one videoRoth read tabloid rumors about Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner, and speculated, “I think Timothée got a share.” [of Jenner’s business]I think that's part of his deal.

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in Another videoTravis called Kelsey and Taylor Swift a “public relationship” and said Kelsey was “addicted” to the attention. She also called J.Lo “J Lulu.”

Neither Chalamet nor Kelsey were asked to comment on such speculation, which is why this type of gossip is considered controversial.

Ruth in one of her videos.
Kyle Marissa Roth talks about Jennifer Lopez in her videos.

How did she die?

“We don't know [what] “It hasn't happened yet,” her sister Lindsay wrote in her Instagram post.

Ruth previously shared that she was Colon cancer survivor. However, this has not been indicated as the cause of her death at this time.

in Posted on Instagram in FebruaryShe highlighted the various health obstacles she has overcome.

“3 major abdominal surgeries. 1 Reconstructive shoulder surgery. More than a dozen broken bones. One torn meniscus. Several car accidents. More concussions. Collegiate lacrosse. Elementary school recess football. 3 internal organs are missing. But there are a lot of bad scars.

Her family did not reveal the cause of death. Her mother, Jackie Cohen Roth, also reacted to the news LinkedIn“My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives through her tremendous life on another platform. Kyle loved and lived fiercely,” he wrote.

“Nothing makes sense now and we will understand more in the next few days,” she wrote about her sudden death.

“Nothing makes sense,” Ruth’s mother posted in the wake of her tragic death. Instagram/thekylemarisa_
Roth has previously posted about overcoming health battles like cancer. Instagram/thekylemarisa_
“I was so saddened” to hear of Ruth's death, Julia Fox said. Instagram/thekylemarisa_

What did people say about it?

In the wake of the sudden tragedy, fellow TikTokers and celebrities paid tribute to her.

Fellow TikToker Ophelia Nichols commented, “🥺 I'm going to miss you so much. 💙 I can't stop thinking about her family right now.”

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The Zoe Roe Show account added: “Oh my god I can't believe this, you will be missed so much.”

“Uncut Gems” star Julia Fox commented on Lindsay's post, saying: “I know I've never met Kyle in real life, but I really felt like I knew her. I'm so devastated and crying since the news leaked on TikTok. I really hope she… [didn’t] She is suffering and I hope you know how much she affects our lives. She was a ray of sunshine and I will miss her dearly.

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