May 22, 2024

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World of Warcraft Classic launches Cataclysm in May

World of Warcraft Classic launches Cataclysm in May

picture: Blizzard

In 2019, Blizzard Launched World of Warcraft Classic. The MMO lives alongside the modern version of the game, but gives players a way to travel back to bygone eras amazing. classic Started with 1.0 amazing It has since moved on to subsequent expansions of the game. from now on May 20will add a strong blizzard disasterthe very expansion that it entailed classicHe created it in the first place.

classic Players will be able to dive in disaster On April 30 with the release of the expansion pre-patch. As in its original release, the pre-patch will introduce Goblin and Worgen, as well as a changed landscape of Azeroth. When the full expansion launches on May 20, it will add seven new areas, nine dungeons, three raid dungeons, Darkmoon Island, and more. I also selected Blizzard Post-expansion roadmap: Rise of the Zandalari will be released in July 2024, followed by Rage of the Firelands in October 2024, and Hour of Twilight in January 2025.


the disaster The expansion was originally released in 2010 and its release led to Huge transformation To an MMO game. The arrival of the dragon Deathwing changed the entire landscape of Azeroth amazingThe gameplay too. This includes changes such as the Barrens being split in half, and areas like the Thousand Needles and part of the Darkshore being submerged or washed away. The new version of Azeroth is what players explore in the current mainline version amazing, except for newer areas designated for expansion. With all the changes that disaster After the game came out, many players wanted some way to return to Azeroth as it was before the massive expansion. That's exactly what classic It gave gamers a shot in the years following its release. But the elephant in the room was always there disasterNow this elephant cannot be ignored anymore.

With launch disaster, the main classic Servers will move from The Lich King was angry, previous expansion. . While Blizzard hasn't said anything officially, it's likely The Lich King was angry It will become unavailable to play, just like that The Burning Crusade Did when classic Servers moved to The Lich King was angry. Although players still want to experience what an MMO was like before disaster You will have a way to do it as the original classic The servers are still there, but it will be the base version of the game. So do not rely on the experience of likes The Burning Crusade or The Lich King was angry again any time soon. At least not until the Blizzard version Wow classic classic.

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