July 18, 2024

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World War III was provoked by the Russians

World War III was provoked by the Russians

Russia was once again heartbroken when it spoke of its invasion of Ukraine on Monday.

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“Risk [d’une Troisième Guerre mondiale] Seriously, it’s real, it can not be underestimated, “said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Russian news agency Interfax.

“Thus we speak of the real danger of World War III. It only means that Moscow feels defeated in Ukraine, ”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba responded on Twitter.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who passed through Kiev the previous day, realized that the Ukrainians could “win with the right equipment and the right support.”

Enough to give a smile to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who in the evening assessed that his country’s victory was a matter of time.

The United States, which recently announced $ 700 million in new military aid to Ukraine, has recently expedited its military equipment, with Kiev continuing to demand from the West.

Arms supply to Ukraine is expected to be the focus of a meeting of defense ministers of 40 allies in Germany on Tuesday.

“A month ago, we still had to convince different countries that betting on Ukraine was a successful bet. Now everyone knows that,” Mr Zhelensky said.


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Affected railway

On Monday, the Russian military fired missiles at train stations, especially in the Vinnitsa region of central-western Ukraine, killing five people and wounding 18 others, relatively unsaved so far.

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A total of five stations were targeted.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote on Facebook that the Russians were “trying to destroy the supply routes of military-technical assistance provided by partner countries. In order to do this, they are mounting attacks on railway junctions.”

Current situation in Mariupol

In Mariupol, which was almost entirely controlled by the Russians, the situation still seemed to be stagnant.

The bombings on the Azovstall metallurgical complex continued all weekend, with the last fighters taking root with nearly 1,000 civilians. Moscow announced a ceasefire on Monday to ensure unilateral civilian evacuation.

But Kiev rejected the announcement.

“No security has been provided on the declared sidewalk, so there is no evacuation,” said Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk.

Moreover, Sergei Lavrov accused Volodymyr Zhelensky of pretending to negotiate with Moscow.

“He is a good actor. […]If you look closely and read what he says, you will find a thousand contradictions, ”the head of the Russian embassy was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

But he said “we are in constant talks with the Ukrainian team” and these contacts will continue.

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