June 19, 2024

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WWE fans react to the failed fireball segment on Smackdown

WWE fans react to the failed fireball segment on Smackdown

One of the dangers of live TV is that clips don’t always go exactly as planned. Fans noticed it Scarlett Didn’t Exactly Hit Drew McIntyre Flush With a fireball on Friday’s episode of “WWE Smackdown.”

One fan pointed out The similarities with AEW’s Chris Jericho, And his last character is a “wizard” who also throws fireballs. The flash paper used to simulate a Scarlett fireball is said to be unsuccessful at the moment, and it didn’t capture enough of Drew McIntyre’s face for McIntyre to sell. Cross and McIntyre were reportedly asked to continue, and they improvised the rest of the part, which fans seemed to appreciate. “Don’t act like we didn’t see what happened,” One user wrote. “Just find a way to beat it.”

Use Scarlett Fireball Protecting her husband, Cross, from McIntyre’s assault. McIntyre strapped himself to Cross with a leather belt, and was attacking Cross, when Scarlett used the flawed stunt. When the fireball didn’t work, McIntyre was able to hit Cross with a Spinebuster. Scarlett responded by giving McIntyre a low blow, giving Kross a chance to lock “The Scottish Warrior” into his Kross Jacket branding. One user wrote, “Scarlett Bordeaux proved that if fireball doesn’t work, punch balls will.”

Kroos was playing with McIntyre Since returning to the company in August, And even got involved McIntyre Clash at the Castle, which saw McIntyre lose to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two are scheduled to face each other in a belt match at WWE Extreme Rules on October 8th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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