April 14, 2024

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WWE plays the role of the White Rabbit and angers Bray Wyatt during tonight’s SmackDown

WWE plays the role of the White Rabbit and angers Bray Wyatt during tonight's SmackDown

There have been many teasers about Bray Wyatt’s potential return to WWE, and thanks to the mysterious date revealed during Monday’s Raw, many believe tonight’s SmackDown will feature a big comeback. This will be further increased thanks to the latest tease from WWE, where fans were treated to in the ring during a commercial break during tonight’s episode of SmackDown at another White Rabbit arena, and fans were kind enough to share footage of this annoyance on social media (via @Jay48565203). You can find the latest tease in the video below, and Wyatt may be back later in the night.

Previous teasers have included more White Rabbit-themed ones as well as cryptic puzzles that largely line up with White’s previous characters. The most specific is 9:23, which happens today, so with just over 30 minutes left, many are hoping we’ll get some sort of forward movement on what this annoyance is all about.

There were already some big moments during tonight’s SmackDown, including Sami Zayn getting his official bloodline shirt from Roman Reigns, and Liv Morgan sending a statement to Ronda Rousey that she would go to extremes in their Strict Rules match. Morgan handed a defeat to Lacey Evans with a kendo stick and then hit her through an overhead rope table with Cinton, showing Rousey she would do whatever she needed to do to win.

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