July 23, 2024

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WWE Raw Results (04/10) – Solo Sikoa Vs. Kevin Owens, women’s tag team title match, hear from Cody Rhodes and more

WWE Raw Results (04/10) – Solo Sikoa Vs.  Kevin Owens, women’s tag team title match, hear from Cody Rhodes and more

Rodriguez and Lynch get to work. The bell rings and Lynch slaps Rodriguez. Rodriguez pushed her into a corner, then tagged in Morgan. Rodriguez whips Morgan into Lynch before Morgan delivers Inzegury and prepares for a superplex. Lynch flips it into a roll up, but Morgan snaps. Lynch throws a kick in the face and looks for spray in the corner, but Morgan gets out of the way and delivers a knee. She follows it up with a kick to the back of the neck and a step, but Lynch fires back with a few more jabs and signs at Stratus. Morgan catches Stratus with a back elbow, but Stratus catches her with a twister from above. Lynch signs ascend up and up and up, then drop leg.

Back from the break, Stratus has Morgan in the chinlock. Morgan escapes, and the pair level with each other with a bulldog. Rodriguez and Lynch are back inside. Rodriguez delivers a pair of clotheslines and a shoulder strap, then follows with a Fallaway Slam and a Corkscrew Elbow. Lynch delivers tijeras and a forearm, then climbs to the top and delivers a drop rocket. She goes to get a pin, but Rodriguez gets kicked out. Rodriguez sends Lynch’s head bouncing off the top rope. The two women then climbed onto the top rope and delivered Lynch a series of headbutts. Rodriguez knocks it out, and Lynch tags in Stratus. Lynch comes out on top with Stratus, but Rodriguez knocks out Lynch. Stratus then catches her with a twister and goes for a pin, but Rodriguez kicks her out. Lynch signs in and Stratus pins Rodriguez in place as Lynch hits a free kick. Then she released two forearms and looked for a kick, but Rodriguez caught it with a backbreaker and tags in Morgan. Morgan hits the DDT and goes for a pin, but Lynch snaps.

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Lynch prepares to Dis-Arm-Her, but Morgan fights back into a roll. Lynch takes off, sending Morgan into the middle rope face first and tagging Stratus. Stratus and Lynch have Morgan sit on top and follow her there. They search for a superplex, but Rodriguez drags the three women out.

Lynch and Morgan go back and forth with the forearms before Lynch knocks Morgan onto the mat and drags her into a corner. I went to the top, but Rodriguez sent Lynch to crash on top of Rodriguez. Lynch locks in Dis-Arm-Her, but Rodriguez saves her partner. He delivers Stratusfaction before Morgan reaches Oblivion. Lynch rolls over and delivers the Man Handle Slam, then goes for a pin. Rodriguez pulls Lynch out, but Lynch fights it off and tags in Stratus. Stratus prepares for a Chickcake Match, but Morgan holds her up for the win.

Winners (and new): Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan

After the match, Lynch raises Stratus’ hand up and the two embrace before Stratus watches Lynch from behind. She then delivers a chick kick and stands up to Lynch before slashing back.

After the break, we went backstage to Byron Saxton. Stratus walks over and Saxton asks her why she has turned into Lynch. Stratus does not respond and continues walking.

Then we head to Dakota Kai and IYO SKY waiting outside Adam Pearce’s office. Bayley appeared and told them that she convinced Pierce to keep the damage CTRL together during the WWE Draft. She says she went there for a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match and says she was offered a match with Piper Niven and Michen, with the winner getting a shot at Bianca Belair’s “Raw” Women’s Championship. SKY and Kai offered to take Bayley’s place in the match, and Bayley returned to talk Pearce about the idea.

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Back at ringside, Bobby Lashley heads down. Bronson Reid follows.