October 5, 2022

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12 Fed-up couples close laundries after burglaries

A California couple is closing their laundromat, fed up with their businesses being robbed in the greater San Francisco area.

In the past six months, laundry rooms have been broken into 12 times, Derek Thoms told Inside Edition daily.

The ordeal began for him and his family in January, when a truck pulled up in front of their laundry room to steal money from the ATM at the entrance.

Although CCTV evidence was provided to the police, there was nothing positive about it, Thoms said.

“Earlier, this type of crime happened around 2 am. In my case, the thieves did it at 7 am. In one week, they stole up to $5,000 from me and damaged the ATM for $11,000,” he said.

Several similar crimes occurred in the weeks following the first incident.

The American businessman said the crime that angered him the most was when he tried to steal his truck parked outside his house.

He says he thanks his dog for the thieves’ escape.

Finally, this California family decided to pack up and settle thousands of miles away in Alabama.

The couple had to close all their branches before the move, which was difficult.

“It was a very difficult decision, but it was the right choice,” said Derek’s wife, Skyler.

The family plans to open new laundromats in Alabama while waiting for their old premises in California to be sold.

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