May 19, 2024

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20 countries have pledged to provide additional weapons to Ukraine

20 countries have pledged to provide additional weapons to Ukraine

At a meeting of allies on Monday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that 20 countries had pledged to provide Ukraine with additional weapons to deal with Russian forces.

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“It simply came to our notice then. “Many countries will donate ammunition for artillery, coast guard systems, tanks and other armor,” he said.

During this second meeting of the “Liaison Committee for the Defense of Ukraine”, 44 countries met to discuss military assistance to be provided to Ukraine at this stage of the conflict.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister briefed participants on the current military situation three months after Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Of the equipment supplied to Ukraine, it is noteworthy that Denmark sends the anti-horn anti-ship missile system.

The Harpoon is usually on warships or submarines, but Denmark is the only country to have purchased a modified version of this missile, which is installed in trucks and converted into a Coast Guard battery.

The Czech Republic, for its part, has promised to supply attack helicopters, tanks and missiles.

From the first meeting of the liaison committee in Germany last month, “the speed of donations and deliveries is exceptional,” Mr. Austin welcomed.

But the US Secretary of Defense declined to mention US arms supplies to Ukraine after congressional approval for $ 40 billion in additional aid.

However, he noted that Ukraine’s requirements have not changed at this stage: artillery, tanks, drones and ammunition.

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“Everyone here understands the role of this war and they are going beyond Europe,” he added. “The Russian occupation is an insult to international order.”

The liaison committee is scheduled to meet in person ahead of a meeting of NATO ministers in Brussels on June 15.