June 5, 2023

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An armed 13-year-old girl tries to attack police in her car

In the French city of Besanon, police arrested a 13-year-old girl who stole her mother’s car and reportedly tried to assault the officers who arrested her. Parisian.

Last Thursday, police were called to intervene in front of the school where a vehicle caused a dangerous skid.

Officers on motorcycles found the car on a street near the school. When they get next to the car, its driver starts doing dangerous maneuvers and apparently trying to attack them.

“She deliberately tried to beat the police who told her to stop. They risked their lives, ”said Yves Cellier, director of public safety.

Eventually, the car was stopped due to heavy traffic congestion. 13-year-old driver and her 14-year-old passenger: Police broke the windshield of the vehicle to separate those in the vehicle.

The police commissioner said the teenage girl, who was driving, did not go to school and stole her mother’s car. Both knives were seized during the raid.

The passenger was released, but the driver was charged with aggravated assault against police, armed and refusing to comply.

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