June 16, 2024

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2020 downing of Ukrainian plane in Iran: ten soldiers sentenced to prison

2020 downing of Ukrainian plane in Iran: ten soldiers sentenced to prison

The first defendant, the commander of the Tor M-1 defense system, was sentenced to ten years in prison for disobeying the orders of his superiors by shooting down this aircraft. Nine other players were sentenced to between one and three years in prison, Mizan Online reported.

There is a commander of the security system Ukrainian aircraft fired two missiles at PS752, contrary to command post order, without permission and in violation of instructionsAdded this resource.

This is about Maximum penalty, taking into account the consequences and consequences of his actionAccording to Mizan Online.

The judicial commission did not provide the identity of the accused, including four security forces officers, an air defense base commander and a control center officer. The accused may still appeal, the source said.

On January 8, 2020, the Iranian Armed Forces shot down a Ukraine International Airlines flight connecting Tehran and Kiev with two missiles, killing 176 people on board, most of them Iranians and Canadians. Many are binationals. 11 Ukrainians were also killed.

The sentences handed down did not have the good fortune to satisfy a group representing relatives of the victims.

The Association of Aggrieved Families does not recognize the courts of Islamic rule as legitimate courts.Following the verdict, the organization said on Twitter. We demand that this crime be judged by a neutral international court. We want fair trials in an independent IranShe added.


On the night of the tragedy, Iran’s air defenses were on high alert. The Islamic Republic launched an attack on a base used by the US military in Iraq five days before the US strike in Baghdad, Iran’s master of regional strategy, General Qassem Soleimani, and Tehran expected retaliation. From Washington.

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After two days of denials, the Iranian armed forces finally acknowledged their responsibility in the tragedy. Human error.

In November 2021, the judicial authority announced the opening of the trial of ten soldiers in Tehran. Different grades For their involvement in this case.

Then the Iranian judge mentioned this 103 people filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Officeto say An impartial investigation […] Those responsible should be identified and legal action should be taken.

Officials’ delayed recognition created a crisis of confidence in Iranian officials.

The tragedy at Boeing, where many students were present, sparked outrage and anger in Iran, especially among university youth.

In early 2022, Iran said it had begun compensating some of the affected families with individual payments. A sum of $150,000He promised to compensate others.

In December of the same year, a four-nation group led by Canada announced that it had demanded that Tehran be submitted to binding arbitration. Iran must be held accountable of this accident.

Canada, Ukraine, Sweden and the United Kingdom rely on the Montreal Convention of 1971, which regulates crimes against civil aviation.