December 11, 2023

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49ers UTSA OL Draft Spencer Burford With 134th Overall Pick

49ers UTSA OL Draft Spencer Burford With 134th Overall Pick

The San Francisco 49ers Spencer Burford drafted the UTSA offensive lineman with the 134th overall pick in 2022 NFL Draft, and finally adding another body to the front offensive line. Burford has improved his stock in the Senior Bowl and combines versatility with an interesting sporty look.

Burford, who is 6’4 inches tall and weighs 304 pounds, was UTSA’s first four-star inductee outside of high school and started 43 of 45 career games across the line at UTSA. He started 21 games on LG, 20 on LT, and 2 on RT. According to Pro Football Focus, he has never allowed more than 15 pressings per season. Also, despite spending four years in college, Burford won’t turn 22 until July.

UTSA operates multiple schemes, including both zone and man ban. According to his Exploratory Report, Burford is not known as a muler, but he works hard and plays by the whistle. His strengths include quick side first move, working up to level two, and finishing second level defenders. This looks like offensive lineman Kyle Shanahan. Burford’s listed weaknesses are that he is inconsistent with his hand placement, has a tendency to overextend, and suffers from professional pass counters that include speed.

In the combination, he ran a 5.19 40-yard dash, and jumped 27.5 vertically, with a 4.73 20-yard shuttle. The ideal target for the short shuttle up front is a 4.47.

Burford also comes with a wingspan of 82 inches, which should come in very handy if the 49ers decide Burford should play in the NFL.

Senior Board Ratings:
ESPN: 212
Daniel Jeremiah ( Unrated (out of 150)
PFF: 137
Danny Kelly (The Ringer): Unrated (out of 100)
Dean Bruegler (athlete): 133

The center, safety and nickel corner are two of the brightest remaining holes on the 49ers roster, but they have some questions about their depth on a court end as they near the end of the draft.

Here are the 49ers’ remaining picks: 172, 187, 220, 221, 262