June 15, 2024

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50 Cent says black men ‘sympathize with Trump’ over Biden

50 Cent says black men ‘sympathize with Trump’ over Biden

While meeting with lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill to advocate for Black entrepreneurs and more Black representation in the alcohol industry, 50 Cent said he sees Black men “sympathizing with” Donald Trump, a convicted felon who remains under indictment.

When CBS News Congressional correspondent Nicole Killion asked which way he was leaning in the presidential election, the rapper and liquor company owner, who supported Trump in 2020, said he hadn’t made up his mind yet. As for the importance of the black male vote, he said Trump’s legal troubles made him appeal as a candidate.

“I see them sympathizing with Trump, because they got RICO charges,” he said.

Trump, along with several of his allies, faced a RICO indictment last summer in Georgia for their efforts to overturn the presidential election in that state. As part of this process, in which Trump’s photo was taken, some commentators – and Trump himself – argued that it could help boost his standing in the black community.

As for 50 Cent’s surprise visit, he said that the operation went well.

“This is really exciting for me. I had the opportunity to meet both sides today, which is really good.” USA Today. “[Lawmakers] “I don’t agree on a lot of things, so getting them to agree to my vision was an accomplishment in itself.”

He added: “My experience here was wonderful.” “I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everyone, and it was really exciting. The response I received made me feel like there are bright days ahead.

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