June 14, 2024

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Kate Middleton update: Prince William shares latest news about his wife

Kate Middleton update: Prince William shares latest news about his wife

sPrince William said his wife Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, is feeling better He also received veterans Before the 80th anniversary of Victory Day.

At a ceremony held on Wednesday to mark the historic day – which was marked on June 6 as the start of the operations that led to the end of World War II – the Prince of Wales gave a reading in the English city of Portsmouth.

A war veteran eight decades ago asked William if Kate was “getting better” after her cancer diagnosis, which she revealed in the caption of a video shared on March 22.

“It’s better, thanks.” “She would love to be here today,” William seemed to have told the man.

There have been different iterations of William’s response. When a video of the interaction was shared on X (formerly Twitter), one user tagged the Prince of Wales’ response as “Yes, it’s in really good condition“.

Kate’s grandmother, William added Valerie Middleton He worked as a member of staff at Bletchley Park, the famous site of the UK government code school where Alan Turing and other British cryptographers were Crack the puzzle code In 1941.

Since starting ‘preventative chemotherapy’, Kate has retreated from the spotlight and had her public speaking duties cancelled. The princess, a mother of three, has kept her diagnosis largely secret, but described the news of her health as a “huge shock” in the video published in March. She added that she is “getting stronger every day.”

King Charles III also took part in D-Day events this week after public duties were largely postponed. The king announced his diagnosis of an unknown type of cancer last February, and took time to receive treatment.

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On Wednesday, His Majesty the King delivered a tribute speech in which he honored the “courage, steadfastness and solidarity” of those who participated in the Normandy Invasion, a key battle in liberating Europe from Nazi Germany.

It is our duty to ensure that we and future generations do not forget their service and sacrifices in replacing tyranny with freedom. The king said to those present In Portsmouth. He was joined by Queen Camilla and the couple looked visibly moved as the veterans told their war stories.