April 24, 2024

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A 47-year-old Japanese man is living his dream after marrying his idol, 20-year-old

A 47-year-old Japanese man is living his dream after marrying his idol, 20-year-old

The dreams of a Japanese man named Mitsuo turned reality when he married his favorite idol, Yuki Tomoe, who is 27 years his junior.

Tomoe She made her debut in 2020 as a new member of an Osaka-based idol group at the age of 17 after being a former alternate member. Mitsuo, who was 44 years old at the time, was already a fan of the group and he was Immediately through the new addition.

“The moment I saw it,” he said, “I felt like I was looking at a shiny, shimmering rock.” “Although she was new, her performance was amazing and very cute. So I decided to support her.”

As a loyal fan, Mitsuo made the weekly trip to Osaka from Oita to see Tomoe’s performance, a five-hour journey by train and eight hours by car.

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Tomoe Mitsuo, who was always present at online live events, was soon noticed.

“I feel that he is different from other fans. I can trust him and talk to him about my problems that I will not tell anyone else about.”

She realized that she had real feelings for him when she was deeply disappointed whenever he was absent.

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“Once upon a time, he was not there at our concert. I thought it was strange because he was always coming, and I started looking for him on stage. Without him among the audience, I felt empty. From that moment on, I realized that I loved him.”

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Tomoe made the first move by confessing her feelings for her current husband. Enthusiastic and surprised, Mitsuo replied, “Let’s start dating then!”

Although there is a file Age gap of 27 yearsThe two happily recounted their story together, having tied the knot in April of this year.

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The relationship initially alarmed close friends and family, especially with Mitsuo being the same age as Tomoe’s mother. But he eventually gained her parents’ approval, after he wrote a letter assuring them that he would take good care of their daughter. One of his promises was that Tomoe’s parents would always be informed when they went out for appointments to let them know their whereabouts.

As evidenced by the former idol’s social media, Tomoe often sings her husband, who can be seen sitting in the front row at their home shows, waving a stick of glitter.

Tomoe has over 300,000 followers on TikTok and has garnered over 29.4 million likes for her videos, where they share tidbits about their relationship online.

Featured Image via _mitutomo_; つ と も チ ャ ン ネ ル