July 13, 2024

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A McDonald’s employee fired a gun at a customer’s car

A McDonald’s employee fired a gun at a customer’s car

A 22-year-old McDonald’s employee fired two shots at a man’s car in Lakeland, USA. He was arrested on Friday morning, according to several US media outlets.

The Lakeland Police Department said Cassidy Gardner brought her gun during her night shift.

The employee reportedly became frustrated when a customer complained that their order was inaccurate.

Lakeland Police Department

Surveillance video obtained by authorities shows the young woman throwing drinks at customers through the drive-thru window. A man allegedly responded with the same action by throwing glasses at M.me Gardner.

The latter eventually drove into the restaurant parking lot and allegedly fired two shots at a customer’s vehicle, FOX 13 reported. According to the police, a bullet could have hit the car. Gardner was arrested a few hours later. X

Lakeland Police Department

The employee reportedly told several versions of his story. He said he was in “fear for his life” and only used his gun to “warn” him not to approach him, according to the arrest document.

McDonald’s did not respond to FOX 13’s interview requests.

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