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A tropical storm is moving in the wrong direction

Published on June 2, 2023 at 11:38 pm.

A storm is behaving strangely. forecast.

A strange storm

A tropical storm forms in the Gulf of Mexico. Arlene was named first on the second day of the season’s official opening. It’s unique going down a very different path. In fact, it goes south, which is unusual.

Tropical zone 1

Low intensity

With winds of 65 km/h, Arlene is unlikely to break a record. moving towards south at a speed of 8 kmph. On Friday, the hurricane was just west of the Florida coast. Unusually warm water from the Gulf of Mexico helped form the hurricane. However, very strong wind shear will prevent it from gaining speed. According to NOAA forecasters, it shouldn’t get that intense.

Tropical zone 2

Gulf Storm

Typically, tropical cyclones form near the Caribbean early in the season. Their route mostly takes them in a northerly direction, towards the coasts of America. Arlene instead formed in the Gulf of Mexico and then moved to the western tip of Cuba.

Tropical zone 3

In collaboration with meteorologist Patrick Duplessis.

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