June 17, 2024

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Capital Attack: Another member of the Truth Guards sentenced to prison

Capital Attack: Another member of the Truth Guards sentenced to prison

Judge Amit Mehta found David Morschel less guilty than other members of the panel, though he highlighted the danger associated with the weapons, including an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle he left at a hotel in Virginia before traveling to Washington.

Prosecutors had originally sought a 10-year sentence. One of his co-defendants, Joseph Hackett, will be sentenced later Friday. Prosecutors have demanded a 12-year prison sentence against him.

The attack on Capitol Hill was aimed at preventing Congress from certifying the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the November 2020 US election.

Joseph Hackett and David Morschel were charged with treasonous conspiracy-attempts. To overthrow, overthrow, or forcefully destroy the United States government – as well as conspiracy to obstruct justice and prevent members of Congress from performing their duties.

Many oath-keepers were convicted

Joseph Hackett was also found guilty of falsifying documents or proceedings. Lawyers described Joseph Hackett as a lowly respectable man Pledge KeepersHe indicated to end his call Corrupt politicians He foretold his intentions on Capitol Hill, including the truth Force passage to the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Joseph Hackett’s lawyer asked Judge Amit Mehta Focus primarily on options other than incarceration Delivering his verdict.

Amit Mehta has already sentenced six members Pledge Keepers He was sentenced last week to three to eighteen years in prison.

The judge deferred sentencing for another member of the group, Thomas Caldwell Pledge Keepers Acquitted of treasonable conspiracy, but convicted of other offences.

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