June 20, 2024

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An ex-convict described the treatment meted out to convicts in prison, making TikTok a sensational success

An ex-convict described the treatment meted out to convicts in prison, making TikTok a sensational success

An American ex-convict accumulates millions of views on Tiktok because of his prison experiences, videos where he tells the truth, but above all, his regular posts about the harshness of detention centers in Florida.

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The man, who claims to have been detained for years, has the nickname “Viking” on TikTok, where he has more than 575,000 followers.

He spent three years in juvenile detention and six years in an adult prison for robbery, possession of a deadly weapon and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, MailOnline reports.

A man who rose from the underworld of crime, started his own health business and marketed his own vitamins, he became a relatively well-known personality on social networks.

He doesn’t hide his past and recently he described his life behind bars in full videos.

In one of his videos, which has 19.5 million views, he talks about what happens to mass school shooters.

Screenshot from @vikingmindset11 on TikTok

“They have no regrets, until they meet the real ones, they think they’re real thugs,” says “Viking”.

One of these shooters was repeatedly raped and committed homosexual acts behind bars, if not when he entered prison.

He assures that it is not only the criminals who commit the abuse, but also the correctional officers.

“The prison officials spat in his food and poisoned him. In prison, if you kill a child [ou une femme]You are considered evil incarnate. […] “Although he adopted the lifestyle of a prisoner, he was tortured beyond belief and had to pay to be protected,” he explains.

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“If you touch a child or a woman, it is over.”

He even reports that he saw prison officials “kill” some of the worst criminals during his time in prison.

“See how the police treat people while on camera. Now imagine what a corrections officer would do to someone who hurts or kills children without being filmed,” he continued.

According to him, inmates in prisons in the United States are “killed” by the most brutal agents.

“I’ve seen prisoners stab other prisoners, I’ve seen officers throw prisoners up, or gassed them in the shower.”

“Guardians put you in a room with your worst enemy for 15 minutes and make a bet to see who will win,” he gives another example. They pour boiling water on your back and pepper spray until you fall to the ground. They starve you. In the summer, when it’s 38 degrees, they turn on the heaters in your cell. If they see you open your window, they come in, burn you, beat you to death. It’s terrible,” he says.

Although inmates who have committed the most serious crimes are often abused, all inmates, at least in the United States, have a hard time.

The ex-convict recalled that in many of his videos, he wanted to talk about life behind the walls, to keep young people away from a life of crime, which is not good for anything.