June 19, 2024

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A very messy world that environmentalists, moderates and extremists are preparing for us

A very messy world that environmentalists, moderates and extremists are preparing for us

Jean-Marc Jancovici is the most influential figure in French environmentalism. With no connection to the blue-haired idiots who deface paintings in museums and the rabble-rousers who call for the destruction of the energy industry, he goes moderate.

Therefore, one might believe that he is very attached to personal liberties and unwilling to sacrifice them in the vital fight against climate change.


Through France Inter Morning, one of France’s most important radio gatherings, he called for serious restrictions on the right to travel by air.

His proposal: Individuals should be entitled to 4 flights in their lifetime.

Beyond that, they obviously endanger the planet.

This proposal is not new. A few years ago, we heard it on the fringes of public debate, but no sane person would have dared to pick it up.

Hate freedoms

It would have been seen as an expression of shocking contempt for freedom.

Not so anymore.

We dream of a kind of global imprisonment that some influential ecologists will not name, a humanity under house arrest, where everyone can be locked up in their village or neighborhood, no longer really having rights. Leave without permission.

We will move to a society of bureaucratic control, where individuals are on file, with a license to move around or carry out various daily activities.

“Centralist” environmentalism, capitalist leaders who speak of global governance, no longer hides its authoritarian temptation.

And he doesn’t want to limit air travel.

Other prominent figures propose limiting car travel or meat consumption.

This environmentalism wants to reduce the number of cows per country because of the methane they emit, and may need to switch to a vegetarian diet tomorrow.

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One wants to limit the number of children per woman to limit one’s environmental footprint.

To save the planet, he wants to put humanity under protection, in a model reminiscent of Chinese social debt.

Everyone will travel with their climate passport. We surmise that the nomenclature of this green society does not subject itself to these restrictions that are assigned to a large number of people.

Here we see a model reminiscent of twentieth-century socialisme century He claimed to liberate humanity from slavery and capitalism, for which he condemned the societies he conquered to bureaucratic hell.


Today, to save the planet, he proposes a green technological collectivism, an ant society under surveillance.

Nevertheless, human’s amazing creativity is creating technology that can help us adapt to the climate crisis.

This does not mean that our societies do not need to exhibit a new sobriety, but rather that they do not have to transform themselves into supervised camps for people to re-educate.