May 21, 2024

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Abortion: Nancy Pelosi has no resemblance, according to an archbishop

Abortion: Nancy Pelosi has no resemblance, according to an archbishop

The Archbishop of San Francisco ruled in a letter Friday that Catholic unity should be denied because Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic Party in the United States House of Representatives, defends the right to abortion.

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“You do not have to be present [recevoir] Sacred unity and, if this happens, you will not be allowed into the sacred unity until you have publicly rejected the legitimacy of abortion and confessed this grave sin, ”US Archbishop Salvador Cardillion wrote in a letter dated Thursday. To a senior Democratic official.

Emphasizing the position of the Church on the question of abortion, In his letter to Nancy Pelosi, California’s elected official for decades, Cardillion said the action would be taken in April 2022 if he had not already publicly denied “abortion rights.”

The archbishop’s announcement comes as the right to abortion in the United States is threatened by the Supreme Court. Politics50 years after its historic decision to protect abortion, it seems poised to go backwards.

Shortly after the document was leaked in early May, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer described the Supreme Court’s possible decision as “disgusting” in a joint statement.

They both warned: “If this information is correct, the Supreme Court is prepared to impose strong restrictions on the rights of all Americans, not just women, in fifty years.”

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As requested by AFP, Nancy Pelosi’s services were not immediately available for comment.

Despite popular support, recent polls suggest that the right to abortion is the historic “Roe v. January 1973 Wade”, which defends the right of American women to terminate their pregnancies.

The Archbishop calls on all “believers of the San Francisco Congregation” to pray for all of our elected officials who promote abortion rights, especially Catholic elected officials.