April 13, 2024

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Abortion of a 10-year-old girl: the doctor’s daughter is already threatened with kidnapping!

Abortion of a 10-year-old girl: the doctor’s daughter is already threatened with kidnapping!

An Indiana doctor who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old rape victim has already faced several threats, including kidnapping her daughter, The Guardian reported on Saturday.

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Dr. Caitlin Bernard, in a lawsuit over Indiana abortion restrictions, argued that she was forced to terminate an abortion in the first trimester because of trafficking threats against her daughter.

“I felt it was best to limit my travel and exposure at this time,” he said. “I was afraid that people would recognize me during these trips. Also, because it was a very small clinic with no privacy for those coming in and out, people could see me directly.

Before Justice Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to the Supreme Court, the doctor’s name also appeared on an extremist anti-abortion website associated with him.

“Reports regarding threats against Dr. Bernard’s family in 2020 are unfortunately true,” confirmed Kendra Barkoff Lamy, the doctor’s spokeswoman. “Unfortunately, Dr. Bernard is not alone, this is happening to abortion doctors across the country.”

“The fact that Dr. Bernard continues to provide essential reproductive care after receiving these threats shows the depth of his compassion and commitment as a physician. He is grateful for the support he has received, but he asks for his family’s privacy,” he added.

An Ohio obstetrician-gynecologist was forced to move to another state after Roe v. Wade in June.

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Remember that Ohio bans all abortions after six weeks. But the rape victim was six weeks and three days pregnant.