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Actress Dr. Strange 2 gets harassed on social media over Marvel LGBTQ scene

Actress Dr. Strange 2 gets harassed on social media over Marvel LGBTQ scene

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Soon in theaters. The blockbuster magical will not only see the return of Doctor Strange, Wong, and the Scarlet Witch, but also see the debut of Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez, the latest Young Avenger to be presented in the MCU in Phase 4.

15-year-old Marvel newcomer Zochitel Gomez will make her debut as America Chavez. The multiverse of madness. The young hero’s powers include not only superhuman strength, speed, and durability, but also the ability to traverse the multiverse – a talent that will prove to be a huge asset to Dr. Strange and his team.


America Chavez is lesbian and of Latin American origin, two traits that will carry over into her live photography. Unfortunately, due to restrictions on launches in certain regions, Chavez put LGBTQIA + and reference “mothers” led to The multiverse of madness Banned in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

After Saudi Arabia requested it Remove the 12-second scene confirming her LGBTQIA+ identityDisney refused, thus leaving the film unable to be released in the region.

Unfortunately, Gomez has now faced harassment on social media due to the ban.


Actress Doctor Strange 2 suffers backlash over ban


15-year-old actress Xochitl Gomez – who will play America Chavez Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness – She was attacked recently Instagram mail. Totally unacceptable harassment comes days After Marvel Studios confirmed the LGBTQIA+ mode of her characterwhich since then This led to the film being banned in some regions.

Many have personally blamed Gomez for the ban, with a commentator calling her out “the reason [they] I can’t watch the movie [at the] Cinema:”

“Ur the reason why I can’t see the movie in the cinema.”

Another actress called out to “Exit the Marvel Universe” and accused her “[destroying] marvel [for] Many countries:

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“Get out of the Marvel universe! Marvel has been destroyed and many countries rejected!”

On a similar note, one commenter shared their frustration at not being able to see the movie “Because [her] Letter:”

“We won’t watch the movie because of your character.”

Meanwhile, others took their comments to a more personal level, like who “[wished] Nothing but the worst.” to her:

“I wish nothing but the worst for you.”

Another comment called God “Forbid [her] happiness in [her] life:”


May God deprive you of happiness in your life and personality.

In addition to the specific messages of anger, other comments shared their general hatred of the actress with messages such as “I hate you” And “and for you”.

Thankfully, the comment section of the post was flooded with messages from supportive fans. In a written selfie posted to her Instagram story, Gomez thanked those sending positive messages, and shared how “to heat up [her] heart:”

“Thank you all for all the supportive DMs. You were all so kind and sweet. It warms my heart!”

Xochitl Gomez Instagram Backlash . Response

Ongoing celebrity abuse in Hollywood

It is despicable to see Xochitl Gomez afflicted with hatred towards her due to her character’s LGBTQIA+ status, which unfortunately left many unable to see the movie due to homophobic laws in their region. It’s obviously frustrating to many that this acting left them unable to see the movie Multiverse upon its release, but that’s no excuse for the actress being hit with horrific comments.


Gomez isn’t the first Hollywood star to suffer online hate because of his personality. Daisy Ridley left social media amid abuse She was targeted by the hero of the Star Wars trilogy series Ray. Targeted harassment is particularly unfortunate in the case of Gomez, an actress who is not only 15 years old but also in the midst of her first major acting role with The multiverse of madness.

It was Marvel Studios and Disney A 12-second scene was reportedly requested to be removed from Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness to allow her to be released in Saudi Arabia. Pointing palace scene America Chavez’s LGBTQIA + وضع Mode She will be largely insignificant to the plot but nonetheless an integral part of her character.

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The House of Mouse’s refusal to remove the scene is a commendable stance for the Hollywood giant, although it will undoubtedly cost the company a significant portion of the revenue. although So far, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have refused the sequelMore is expected to follow in the week leading up to the release.


Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It hits theaters May 6.

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