June 19, 2024

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After Macron’s re-election, compromise with “Two Francis”

After Macron’s re-election, compromise with “Two Francis”

The French presidential election reveals that a French country recruited between retirees and the upper middle class who voted for Emmanuel Macron has been cut in two.

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The first lives in the big cities, but rather in the west of the country. Another is that the Marine Le Pen is chosen, especially in the Northeast, around the Mediterranean and the Antilles / Guyana.

During the sometimes violent social crisis of the “yellow underwear”, in the face of inflation, the priority of the re-elected French president to avoid a “third round” on the street is to reconcile these “two franchises”. 2018/19.

Managers and retirees

According to the first opinion polls, Emmanuel Macron has the best scores of those over 60, especially those over 70. It especially attracts executives, retirees and voters who have completed at least three years of higher education.

According to political scientist Bruno Jeanford, “an old France that voted overwhelmingly for Emmanuel Macron and a young France abstained from voting.”

Emmanuel Macron is almost on par with his rivals in the 25-34 age group, a generation of professional integration, struggling to “cross the street in search of work,” the one-time outgoing president advised the unemployed. Was considered an insult.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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He also finds the leader of the forces that will be the leader of the nuclear force during the war in Ukraine, on the EU border.

“Yellow underwear”

The far-right candidate is particularly attracted to a popular electorate made up of workers and employees, who are particularly sensitive to the campaign focused on securing purchasing power without denying the seriousness of his plan on immigration.

The National Rally has also campaigned for opposition between the “Popular Bloc” and the “Elite Black”.

According to political scientist Jerome Forkett, Marine Le Pen attracts the French. ”

France, a metropolitan area or small to medium-sized city, similar to France in “yellow underwear”, is highly dependent on the car and is therefore very sensitive to rising fuel prices.

From a geographical point of view, the north-east and Mediterranean beaches gave Marine Le Pen the best scores in the first round, with the exception of major cities such as Paris, which are well-connected major employment pools internationally.

The map of France in the 1960s reveals a strong distinction between the economically powerful Northeast, a former industrial and mining area.

And the west of the country, which faced a major rural eviction 60 years ago and today attracts many newcomers inspired by living standards and economic vitality.

Marine Le Pen topped many foreign territories, particularly Guadeloupe (69.6% of the vote), Martinique (60.87%), Guyana (60.70%), Reunion (59.57%) and Mayotte 59.10%.

An anti-referendum against the backdrop of the social crisis after the first round of the referendum for the far left on April 10.

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Finally, there is also France of the “Ni-Ni”, which means 17 million people refused to choose between the two finalists, voting (28%) or void. In particular, rebel leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters came in third with nearly 22% in the first round.