June 14, 2024

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After trying to ban the app, Donald Trump created a TikTok account

After trying to ban the app, Donald Trump created a TikTok account

Former US President Donald Trump has created a Tik Tok account, posting his first video on the popular social networking site, which he tried to ban during his presidency.

In a 13-second video released Saturday evening, the November Republican presidential candidate can be seen attending an MMA fight in Newark, New Jersey, in the northeastern United States.

“The president is now on TikTok,” declares Dana White, who heads the UFC, a mixed martial arts organization with the former president, at the beginning of the video.

“It’s an honor for me,” replied Donald Trump.

As of noon Sunday, the former president had more than two million followers on his @realDonaldTrump account.

In late April, US President Joe Biden signed legislation banning TikTok in the US if its Chinese parent Bytedance doesn’t find a buyer within 12 months.

TikTok and Byte Dance filed a lawsuit against the United States in early May, arguing that the law is “unconstitutional.”

In 2020, Donald Trump sought to ban TikTok through an executive order, specifically citing threats to national security.

An appeal brought by the app, which has 170 million users in the US, failed after federal courts ruled it threatened freedom of expression.

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