June 15, 2024

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Stormy Daniels has called on the US Department of Justice to put Donald Trump in jail

Stormy Daniels has called on the US Department of Justice to put Donald Trump in jail

Stormy Daniels, the former porn actress at the center of the case that led to the criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump, has called on American justice to jail the Republican candidate, who has lost touch with reality.

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“Put him in jail,” Stormy Daniels, 45, told the website of British newspaper the Daily Mirror in her first interview since the New York court ruling.

“I believe he should do jail time and community service for the less fortunate, or serve as a volunteer punching bag at a women’s shelter,” she said, slamming the Republican nominee as “totally and completely out of touch with reality.”

After deliberating for two days, 12 jurors on Thursday unanimously found Donald Trump guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying accounting documents intended to cover up a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels to avoid a mere sex scandal before the 2016 presidential election.

The former actress claims she had sex with Donald Trump 10 years ago, a claim Donald Trump is fiercely contesting.

This unprecedented situation throws the campaign for the November 5 presidential election between Democratic President Joe Biden and his Republican predecessor into uncertainty.

Stormy Daniels said testifying in court “was very intimidating, the jurors are looking at you, but like I said before, I told the truth the whole time.”

The testimony of former actress Stephanie Clifford, her real name, was one of the main points of the debate. She described this sexual relationship in detail, but the “balance of power” there was “unbalanced”.

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“It’s not over for me,” he said, “It’ll never be over for me.” Trump may be seen as guilty, but “I still have to live with this legacy.”

The former president can be jailed for up to four years and fined. But the judge can impose a suspended prison sentence or community service.

“I don’t know what the punishment will be or what Trump will understand,” he added, likening it to how you punish a child.

“You have to find a punishment that fits the crime, but is fair and affects the particular person,” he said, adding, “Who knows what that will be for Trump.”

Since the impeachment of Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels has remained silent.

Her husband, Barrett Blade, and her lawyer, Clark Brewster, who she left to speak to the media, suggested that this silence was not about fear, even fear.

“She’s still digesting the verdict,” and “now all the stupid Trumpists are going to fall on her,” Barrett Blade announced on CNN.

Speaking to a local channel journalist about the “pressure” before Stormy Daniels testified in court, she went into a “bullet-proof suit”, the lawyer responded that her role was, rather, acting out of “fear”. “Someone will do something crazy.”

In a defiant speech on Friday, Donald Trump described the investigation as “grossly unfair,” even fraudulent, but provided little evidence. He vowed to “appeal this fraud” once the sentence was handed down.

For his part, Joe Biden ruled it “reckless”, “dangerous” and “irresponsible for anyone to say that (this investigation) was rigged because he didn’t like the verdict”.

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