June 24, 2024

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Alleged iPhone 14 Pro screen layout shows true size of the pill-shaped round cutouts expected to replace the notch

Alleged iPhone 14 Pro screen layout shows true size of the pill-shaped round cutouts expected to replace the notch

An image purporting to be a schematic view of iPhone 14 Pro The series has surfaced online, giving us a look at the true-to-life size of the pill-shaped, circular-slot design expected to debut on the 2022 high-end iPhones as an alternative to the notch.

Image First appeared on Weibo And it was later Shared by Apple leaker John Prosser who claims to have been able to “independently” confirm that the chart is legitimate and depict the “potential size” of the pill-shaped figure and the hole punched. This scheme coincides with rumors that Apple is planning to replace the high-end iPhone 14 Models with a perforated hole and a pill-shaped hole.

While the chart does coincide with the basics of the recent iPhone 14 Pro‌ display rumor that hints at the end of the notch, more small details lag behind the information shared by more accurate display analyst Ross Young.

Young, who has shared accurate information in the past, I shared it last month The iPhone 14 Pro‌ front panel shows a significantly smaller hole and bead-shaped slot than that shown in the schematic. Additionally, Young’s information indicates that the pill-shaped slot will pivot with the screen, unlike the schematics.

In a related tweet, Young said that the perforated and grain-shaped cutouts will debut on all 2023 models. Iphone series, as it is expected to be shown only in the iPhone 14‌ high-end variants. The two lower ‌iPhone 14‌ models will have a notch.

The suggestion that the 2023 ‌iPhone‌‌ series will continue to display some form of display obstruction for the TrueDepth camera system will disappoint customers who were hoping for a lower-display system next year. Apple Analyzer Ming Chi Kuo He said that Apple plans to Put Face ID at the bottom of the screen starting in 2023which means a full screen design with no notches or perforated holes.

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iphone 14 render jon prosser

The ‌iPhone 14‌ lineup will include four models, consisting of two 6.1-inch sizes and two 6.7-inch sizes. Besides the high-end models featuring a bead-and-hole design, the entire range is believed to gain a major redesign with thinner camera bumps, circular volume buttons and a new speaker grille reminiscent of the iPhone‌ 4. For more on what we know about the ‌iPhone 14‌, see comprehensive report.