June 3, 2023

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Amazon bans more than 1 million Lost Ark bot accounts

Amazon bans more than 1 million Lost Ark bot accounts

The popular Korean MMO Action RPG Lost Ark was launched in the international market last month and was released An unusual challenge for the developer of Smilegate; The record-breaking success came as a surprise to both Smilegate and Amazon Games franchise leader Soomin Park. An official forum post from the team acknowledged bottoming as a “growing problem” and detailed the recent large-scale ban wave.

“Our team has worked hard to craft effective tools and methods for identifying and removing bots from the game. As a result of this work, today (3/4) we will permanently remove over 1 million illegal accounts from the game that have been identified as running bots,” Read the post.

Given the size of the ban, the Lost Ark team also noted that some innocent people may have been unintentionally caught up in the flood; If this is the case, submitting a ticket to their support site will fix the problem.

The team continued to emphasize their absolute position on cheating. In an effort to assuage all of our concerns, Smilegate assured us of his ongoing commitment to making Lost Ark as fair and enjoyable as possible. The game has gone from a positive to a mixed rating on Steam due to the long queue, but recent Twitter comments directed at the official account indicate that this issue has improved a lot.

“Looking forward, we will continue our work to detect and remove fraud and malicious behavior from Lost Ark at scale, which includes expanding our anti-fraud tools, improving bot recognition methods, and launching more ban waves as frequently as necessary.”

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Lost Ark has seen a historic high on Steam; It became the second highest played game on the platform with a concurrent player record of 1.3 million.