July 18, 2024

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Amazon Luna launches for anyone in the US, adds free games for Prime members and Twitch integration

Amazon Luna launches for anyone in the US, adds free games for Prime members and Twitch integration

Amazon Luna – the company’s cloud-based game streaming service – officially launched in the US today for anyone to use, adding a variety of new features, including free games for Amazon Prime members.

Luna has been announced! in the fall of 2020but since then, it has only been available to a limited number of customers through Early Access is by invitation only. However, today’s launch finally opens up the service for anyone to use it in the US, which could significantly increase Luna’s customer base.

Alongside the broader launch, Amazon has also announced three additional “channels” (Luna’s term for game bundles that customers can subscribe to monthly, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass) that customers will be able to enjoy.

The most notable new addition is the Prime Gaming channel, which will provide Amazon Prime members with a selection of free-to-play games on Luna that rotate each month. To start things off in March, Prime members will have access to Devil May Cry 5, Observer, System Redux, PHOGS!, And the recovery. in addition to, Immortal Phoenix Rising It will also be available to play for free but only from March 8 through March 14 (instead of the entire month, as is the case for the other titles listed).

“Retro Channel” will be launched on Luna as well, which will include classic games like Street Fighter II – Excessive FightingAnd the 3 . metal ingotAnd the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, and the “Jackbox Games Channel,” which includes all eight Jackbox Party Pack titles. Amazon is also using the Jackbox Games channel to launch a new “Luna Couch” feature that lets other friends join you in play even if they don’t subscribe to Luna themselves. The Retro Channel and Jackbox Games Channel both cost $4.99 per month.

Luna works differently than other cloud services, such as Google Stadia, where players can purchase games as they would with any other non-streaming platform. Instead, players sign up monthly to individual channels, which come with their game collections. Currently, Amazon offers the Basic Luna Plus Channel ($5.99 per month), the Ubisoft Plus Channel ($17.99 per month), and the Family Channel ($2.99), in addition to the new additions mentioned above.

Finally, Amazon is using the official Luna launch to launch some new features for the platform. The company is taking advantage of its ownership of Twitch to add native support for one-click broadcasting — simply press a button on Luna, and you’ll instantly be able to broadcast your game live, with a camera feed overlay. There is also a QR code system for users playing on Fire TV to link their phone to use as a webcam.

And for those who don’t have a dedicated controller (like the optional Luna controller sold by Amazon), the company adds the ability to use your iPhone or Android phone as a controller when you’re playing on Fire TV.

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