June 24, 2024

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Honor 3 Pro headphones come with a built-in temperature monitoring system

Honor 3 Pro headphones come with a built-in temperature monitoring system

along with Magic 4 is capable of charging 100WNew Honor announced Earbuds 3 Pro which includes built-in temperature monitoring technology. According to Honor, this technology is the first of its kind in the industry, which owners can try as soon as 199 euros of buds are released.

Temperature monitoring, among other signals, has become especially important for tracking someone’s health during an epidemic, and checking the temperature in the home with infrared ear thermometers is already widely available. Wearables that include temperature monitoring seem like something not so far-fetched, and the idea even caught the eye of Apple while developing updates for its AirPods.

Photo: Honor

Wearers can tap the buds three times to activate temperature monitoring, with continuous measurement and even an “abnormal temperature alert”. However, the footnote indicates that it is “not for any medical purpose” and that for the time being, the device is intended for illustrative purposes only until it is presented to comply with relevant regulations.

The Wall Street Journal I reported in October that Apple was looking into adding the feature in AirPods, making the product part of its growing health technology platform. An earlier rumor mentioned temperature monitoring as a feature of the Apple Watch Series 7, but it wasn’t there when the device launched in September.

Although the Earbuds 3 Pro are not likely to be sold in the US, the product may be an indication that this approach is realistic. UK startup Bodytrak He introduced his temperature-monitoring earbuds a few years agoBut it doesn’t look like it’s ready for production yet.

Honor didn’t give many details while announcing the earbuds at MWC 2022 but did confirm a few other features outside of temperature monitoring. The Earbuds 3 Pro’s primary features include Adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology that will adapt to the wearer depending on their listening environment. The earbuds will feature an 11mm dynamic driver with enhanced sound detail and bass and claim up to 24 hours of battery life before the charging case is fully discharged, as well as a quick charge that can provide two hours of music playback with just five minutes of charging.

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