July 20, 2024

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Andretti reveals details of F1 team’s plan as ‘chimes of the clock’ in FIA call

Andretti reveals details of F1 team’s plan as ‘chimes of the clock’ in FIA call

Andretti Global of America has applied to enter Formula 1, and needs to get a green light soon if it will have enough time to get things ready and running.

Although there is no official timetable for new F1 entry deadlines, Andretti is clear he cannot wait any longer for the FIA ​​to make a decision.

Andretti spoke exclusively to Motorsport.com about the situation, and said, “We need it fast because the clock is ticking for us to be there in 2024. We need to figure that out in a month.”

Andretti says he is already pretty clear on some key details about his entry into F1, as he is committed to bringing IndyCar driver Colton Herta to grand prix.

Andretti believes Herta’s presence will be one of the keys to making the team’s presence a success for F1 as a whole, at a time when there are two races in America – at COTA and New-for-2022 Miami – and a third Las Vegas is planned.

Suggest that way Max Verstappen The Dutch interest in the Grand Prix boosted proves that the American driver can do the same for a potential US audience.

“You look at the growth in the ratings in the Netherlands because they have a driver,” he said. “There’s nothing here. If you get a good driver with a good following like Colton, I think he’ll be in good shape.

“For me, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t know what a disruption is, so I hope they figure it out. The way we’re going to do it will be top notch all the way. We have big plans that are going to be really good for Formula 1.

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“My supporters are great, they’re in it to compete, not just in it to say they’re in Formula 1. They’re sports guys, they’ve transformed the sporting franchises from where they weren’t the competition and then the competition, so they know how to do these things.

“So it would be a shame if we couldn’t make it happen. It would be good for everyone.”

Romain Grosjean and Michael Andretti during the 2022 driver announcement

Photo by: Joe Skepinski

While Michael’s father, 1978 World Champion Mario Andretti, suggested Renault was the most likely engine partner for the team, no definitive call was made on that front.

It is understood that Ferrari It remains an option if the team gets approval to enter 2024.

Michael Andretti said Renault was “one of the options”, but made clear that there was “another option” and that no decision had been made yet.

Regarding the team’s factory, Andretti said he would prefer the operation to be based in the United States in the long term, but recognizes that it may also need a European headquarters.

“Ultimately we want to build it here,” he said. “The first car had to be planted, like the way Haas works now. And then eventually we build our own.

“My dream is to do it here, to have a real American car. We still have a big presence in the UK, but we have the actual construction here.”

On the possibility of becoming Formula One team principal, Andretti said: “I am very excited about it.

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“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I think it’s great for our brand and will put us on another level.

“It would raise the bar for our entire game, raise that level [IndyCar] The game as well. I’m in the racing business and always want us to do better.”

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