April 23, 2024

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Knicks spoil RJ Barrett’s career by 46 points with loss to Heat

Knicks spoil RJ Barrett's career by 46 points with loss to Heat

RJ Barrett scored 46 career points, but the first game of the All-Star break turned into Black Friday for the Knicks at the Garden.

after Derek Rose’s comeback was canceled by another “procedure” to his right anklethe black-clad Knicks lost to the Heat, 115-100, and to make matters worse, hmm Novice shooting guard Quentin Grimes lost a dislocated patellawhich is a partial subluxation of the patella.

Grimes and Rose’s fresh losses and a loss on the field nearly overshadowed Barrett’s record-high night of her career, while Julius Randle returned to Earth with a stench.

The Knicks fell 10 games below .500 at 25-35. Black Friday’s total means the Knicks’ chances of making a gaming boost are up.

“You have to play for 48 minutes especially against a team like this,” said coach Tom Tebodeau. “There is a different intensity in the fourth quadrant. So your decision-making process is different.”

Knicks spoiled the night of RJ Barrett’s career.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

The loss spoiled Barrett’s professional night. He scored 30 points in the first half and hit a new high in the third quarter.

“Of course I would have gone to 50,” Barrett said.

Barrett’s streak is a bit like 14 vs. 22 for a night of the free throw streak. Barrett went 13 for 22 from the field — 6 for 11 from a 3-point range — where he took charge of the game.

“It’s bittersweet,” Barrett said. “Especially when you have a night like this, you want to win, which is the most important thing. For us, we fought. We really struggled. They are the first or second team in the East. The fourth quarter I feel like they showed more maturity than we did. I in particular, I had Horrible fluctuations. I don’t know what I was doing.”

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Jimmy Butler of The Heat said Barrett would be the “face of the Knicks.” It’s noteworthy because Barrett looks like a little butler.

“He was attacking every chance he got in the transition,” Butler said. “Get access to the cup. Reach the free throw line. Make the three ball. He had an inferno game, an all-out game at the time. I don’t think anyone is or should be surprised. ”

RJ Barrett finished with 46 points.
RJ Barrett finished with 46 points.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

“It was a great month last month,” Thibodeau said of Barrett. “He plays great basketball. He’s played hard. It’s a good sign that he’s growing. Shooting the number 3 opened the way.”

Worst-case scenario for Grimes, a prop whose playing time has increased with the Knicks out of the race, is that he might be out for this season. The schedule ranges from two to six weeks. His knee sprained when wrapping around a screen by PJ Tucker of Miami in the first half, and had to help his teammates and coaching staff.

Grimes later tweeted, “It’s all right, everyone!”

Things got so bad late in the inning, fans chanted “Let’s Go Heat” – a hymn usually associated with Miami’s visit to the Nets’ Barclays Center home. Hymns arose in the last seconds. It’s a good thing the owner James Dolan was nowhere to be seen.

Quentin Grimes grabs his right knee.
Quentin Grimes grabs his right knee.
Getty Images

Meanwhile, Randle, who was hot on entering the All-Star break, looked broken. He has a history of poor first games of breaks.

Randall fired his first shot, then missed the next 12. He threw foul passes and booed. He finished with 11 points in 2 for 15, with four turnovers.

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“I told you,” Randall said. “I knew it was going to happen. I just hope we win. I was hoping RJ would save me. But I told you, I’ll be fine in the next game. I was hitting the ball really well before the game, so I was like, ‘Maybe I got out of that slack in the first game after all-stars,'” But no. It didn’t. It’s all good, man.”

Julius Randy missed 12 consecutive shots after scoring his first field goal.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

In one single game, Randle stole the ball, his charge was fouled on the basket, and apparently thought he was in a slam dunk contest when he attempted a hard kick over his head that he missed awkwardly. It was also blocked at the edge by Bam Abi Daewoo.

Barrett was on fire while Randall shrieked. With the Knicks dropping twice late in the third quarter, Randle threw a pass back, devoured by Tyler Hero and led to a quick championship.

Despite Barrett’s 30 first-half points, the Heat led 65-55 in the first half. With the crowd chanting his name, Barrett buried a triple pointer in the final seconds of the game, but the Knicks still trailed by 10.

The Knicks led 10-0 before falling behind Hiro’s three-point shot. Hero finished with 25 points and Butler has 23.

Then, Randall claimed that he didn’t know Rose had a relapse and didn’t know Grimes’ exact condition, and continued to stay in the dark on Black Friday.