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Apex Legends Season 17 Updates Ranked: Score changes, scoring system, matchmaking, and more

Apex Legends Season 17 Updates Ranked: Score changes, scoring system, matchmaking, and more

published: 2023-05-02 T15:01:17

updated: 2023-05-02 T15:01:26

Season 17 of Apex Legends will bring a major overhaul to ranked battle royale play, including a new scoring system and key matchmaking updates.

Apex Legends will enter its 17th season on May 9, with developers Respawn introducing new content to keep the game fresh. Along with the debut of the latest Legend Ballistic, Season 17 will also see a rework of the game’s rating system.

Ranking is set to get an overhaul, with a new rating point and scoring system and a complete removal of divisions topping the list of changes. So before it goes live, here’s the full recap.

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Apex Legends Season 17 release date has been changed

The latest ranked mod for Apex Legends will be released when Season 17 hits the live servers, which means players should expect the system to kick off. Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at most likely 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

Apex Legends Season 17 ranking changes

matchmaking fix

The ranked game mode in Season 17 will feature a new matchmaking system based on Hidden Matchmaking Ranking (MMR). Apex will also look to factor in pre-made teams’ MMR to balance the competitive advantages that raw teams have over individual players.

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The new ladder points are now completely separate from player matchmaking (MMR), meaning that the matchmaker will instead build games based on skill rather than player rank or ladder points.

Ballistic vs Bloodhound in Season 17 of Apex LegendsEntertainment Repost

Matchmaking Rating or MMR will be the new matchmaking format in Apex Legends

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Ranked points changes

Ranked points are being changed with the new Season 17 overhaul. Older Ranked points are replaced with ladder points, which will work in a different way than the original system.

Ladder Points will be required to enter a ranked game the same as Ranked Points, however, entry fees have been leveled across the board for all ranks.

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Ladder points will also be awarded differently than ranked points. Instead, ladder points will be awarded to the entire team based on their placement in the match. Players will need to do their best to place within the top 10 teams to move even or positively on ladder points, with any placement higher than that resulting in a loss of ladder points.

However, players can still earn ladder points for their in-match performance, with kills and assists still earning ladder points. Besides, your performance based on MMR and lobby difficulty will also contribute to the amount of ladder points earned.

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Eliminate divisions and temporary matches

Divisions will be completely removed with the arrival of Apex Legend Season 17. Instead, the ranked climb will begin at the start of each season with ten timed matches that better measure a player’s skill level as they enter the season.

Respawn’s reasoning behind these changes is that they want players to interact with the rank frequently throughout the season, rather than just at the beginning of a split.

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Rating anti-cheat updates

In addition to temporary matches, which would slow down cheaters and smurfs, there are also other methods planted to stop cheaters, smurfs, and teamwork.

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You will now only get kill points for unique kills, making it impossible to collude and kill the same opponent over and over again.

Respawn also said that they have new detection methods for catching cheaters, though they couldn’t go into specifics for obvious reasons.

Increasing rating level requirements

Respawn is also changing the level requirement for ranking in Apex Legends from 25 to 50. Their goals with these changes are to slow the smurfs down and give developers more time to help spot cheaters.

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That’s all we know so far about the tidy changes in Season 17. We’ll have to wait until the season launches on May 9th to see how it all plays out.